The Belle Epoch?

Recently, I had a discussion with Ellen about the point of what I’m doing.

This is a monologue. Ellen won’t be featured in this conversation. You may ask why but like I said with Henry what fool of a writer tells the world about a major character before the book’s already begun?

So I begin,
I know what my blog is about. It’s about being on the edge. I can’t tell you what I’m yearning for. I don’t even know that I know myself. If I did it would be useless to you because I don’t think I could capture it with words, not completely at least. I understand that everything’s going to change. I just want to live before it does. I just want to hold on to 21. I want to write a blog because it’s age appropriate. I’d like to get a tattoo but having a permanent mark of my youth and inexperience doesn’t appeal to me. I have this image of me as a 70 year old walking along the surf (as you do) with my tattoo visible on my tired sagging skin. I want to dress like a fool because I can. Students are excused for wearing the most stupid impractical things. I can literally dress like a manikin everyday of the week. I want to hold on to my last years of irresponsibility. I know that I’m not Peter Pan so I can’t live in a world of perpetual youth. Most of all don’t want to look back and wish that I had done more.

So I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me... 

Happy Days,

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