Cougar fodder: Mindless Behaviour

A few weeks ago, inbetween my sets at the gym I found my ears assaulted by a vaguely familiar but new and altogether outrageous sound. For a second I was afraid that Nigerian music might have infiltrated the gym. Not that I'd mind, but, I can't deny that I would be shocked. The song (Girls Talkin' Bout)  has that Nigerian funky house vibe to it, so I thought it might be the new offering by WizKid or Dr Sid. I turned towards the television unsure of what exactly it would be displaying. I was even more surprised when I saw not one, not two, not three, but four little adolescents dancing. They're known as Mindless Behavior and their member are Prodigy, Ray Ray, Princeton and Roc Royal

It wasn't that the music was bad- and it really wasn't. It might have been several things but bad wasn't one of them. It was that they seemed to be stepping straight out of 2003, the year that I saw B2K in concert. Since B2k  and 112 were confined to obsolescence there hasn't been a successful black boy band. I thought we weren't due to see another for at least a decade and that even if there was one they would never be big enough to cross the Atlantic. Obviously I was wrong, for there I was at the gym watching this.

Like I said it isn't a bad pop song. That pretty much sums up everything about the song. While it is quite catchy, it isn't catchy enough to be addictive. It's no wonder they have the American tweens and quite a few cougars talking about them. Their debut album #1 Girl debuted on the Billboard Album top 200 chart at number 7.

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