Simultaneously Buggered and Entertained: The Paradox of The Choice

I no longer have any doubts my friends, I am definitely cursed. A few posts ago I complained about the universe guiding me to the most ridiculous and enjoyable films in the world. It seems that the universe has turned its ever present gaze to television. I just sat through 47 minutes of a new dating show on Fox called the Choice. The Choice is the Marriage of the Voice and So you think you can dance because it comes complete with Cat Deeley who is also the host of so you think you can dance and the revolving chairs of the voice. Stu Heritage needs to see this show, if he does I think his head will explode.

Basically, there are 4 bachelors in revolving chairs. A woman comes up and speaks for 30 seconds during which the four bachelors can turn around if they like what they hear. Each bachelor is allowed three women. The next stage is the speed dating round. Here each bachelor gets 15 seconds to speak to each of the three women chosen. At the end of this rounds one of the three women on each team gets dismissed. In the final round the bachelors ask Cat to ask the women from each team a question. At the end of this round they choose the girl they like the most.

The bachelors change every week. In this episode the bachelors are Romeo, "Days of Our lives" actor Jason Cook, Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom and Pauly D from the Jersey Shore. Against my better judgement I get involved. It takes a matter of minutes before I'm pumping my fist shouting yeah in my cubicle of a room. It feels like I'm watching people from a different galaxy on a quest for love because in as much as I do not support this new development in television I find myself enjoying it.

We get to see what happens on the dates tomorrow night. I'll leave you with one of the most important questions ever asked- What kind of buggery is this?

Happy days,

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