Let me dandify you: The flights of Foppishness that are sweeping the nation.

It should come as no surprise to you that I am a fop, a dandy, a man about town, a poseur, a snappy dresser, a trendoid, a hipster, a coxcomb and a popinjay. So during a bout of insomnia I found myself trawling through topman.com (the go to zone for all metro-sexual young adults) doing what I call online window shopping. I think it should be online screen shopping but we'll let that rest for now.

I'm going to put up everything that I thought was remotely interesting.
I quite like this one. The colour's nice. I think that the pocket is interesting but it's undoubtedly a trend so it may not be the most fashionable item of clothing in your wardrobe come summer 2013. It's currently £18 pounds in Topman. I think it may be overpriced.

The colour's nice but the t shirt does not grow on you. I dislike it more and more as time passes.

Every wardrobe needs a few of these dependable chaps. At £13 there's no excuse.

I don't know why I dislike it. The t shirt is confused. If I saw someone in it I'd look twice so that's a bonus right?

I quite like this one. I really like that it's knitted. It's currently on SALE!!!

The size of that V is legendary. I'll aspire to wear that t shirt someday. It's a body specific piece of clothing, handle with care. I'm going to buy one. I think it'll inspire me to get my fat arse to the gym. £7.

I HATE this. Everything about this grey sweatshirt screams trying too hard. I don't know that anyone could feel comfortable chilling in this.

Surprisingly I like this one. Can I explain why? No, but it's fashion not econometrics.

Totes amazeballs colour

This one manages to be just as forgettable as it is detestable. I like the collar though.

This is a nice tshirt. It's blue and it has a picture of a Naval officer on it. What's not to like?

This one is a rather bold effort. In my opinion it's perfect for summer. It says yes I'm confident and stylish enough to wear so much colour but I'm totally approachable and cool at the same time. Some people might think hippy but I think hip. This t shirt is worth the £20.
The above are all the comment worthy shirts I saw. I'll put up some shorts in a lethal bizzle.

Just sit back and let me dandify you.


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