Sensationalism: Virtue or Vice?

I wonder what it was you saw when you first saw me. I wonder that the being you saw; the imaginary being you saw wasn't really me. You made excuses; but nothing could change the fact I could never really be that thing you saw. It broke you; it killed me. You can't have known how it felt to have an imaginary version of you that was better than you engraved on you. I can't do this anymore....

One day, when I get round to writing a book and being published, the book will be filled with little passages like this. I think this one belongs in the huge break up scene where the man leaves his wife at their tenth wedding anniversary after a tumultuous marriage. Yes the premise of it is building in me head. I'll bullet point it.

  • Main character: Rather handsome, very content with his life. 
  • He doesn't aspire to much
  • He's a fisherman, a poor satar player or a writer. Yes he's a writer.
  • He's happy as long as he's got food on his table, booze on lock and company at night, which he pays for.
  • Female Lead: Exceedingly beautiful, bordering on goddess.
  • Has all the qualities desirable in a lady.
  • Has suitors from here to Calcutta
  • Her family's rather wealthy but the wealth is slipping away.
  • She's under pressure to marry well and improve the family situation.
  • But then she meets our writer who's also a fisherman.
  • Yes that's how it happens. She's on a date with the man she's supposed to marry and she falls into the lake. Our writer who's also a fisherman jumps in and saves her.
  • He returns her to her gentleman and is on his way.
  • She locates him in town
  • He dismisses her thanks and goes about his way.
  • But he can't forget her face.
  • He's falls deeply in love with her.
  • She finds out that he's been writing under a pseudonym and thinks him immensely talented.
  • He tries to make more money to earn enough to pursue her.
  • She demands more.
  • Her parents disapprove and kick her out.
  • She resents him for this.
  • She moves in with him
  • He works hard to support her wild ways to earn her love
  • He becomes quite successful
  • It's not enough for her
  • He finds that the richer he becomes the greater her expenses.
  • He becomes depressed and paranoid.
  • He believes that she's cheating on him.
  • We're unsure about this.
  • At their tenth anniversary party he confronts her
  • She denies it.
  • He loses his temper and divorces her.
  • He goes searching for his childhood friend, who should have been introduced at the beginning of the bullet points.
  • His ex wife cashes her half of the property and moves on like nothing happened. 
  • He finds his childhood friend in a lowly position and lives with her returning to his original profession as a writer fisherman.
  • Did I mention that he's a war veteran. 
I enjoyed this but it's really a load of bollocks.

Happy Days

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