Sound of the English Summer: The true Colours of H&M

The time has come for me to examine the shorts H&M has in stock. I beg your pardon in advance if this feature (yes I will call it that, for I am now an official social commentator) is a little unfriendly. It is 3am and my neighbours have felt the need to bless the world with karaoke. Yes, even as I write this the drunken voices chanting True Colours by Cyndi Lauper waft in from my window. This is the sound of the English summer.

Luckily H&M provides us with equally vulgar and unfriendly shorts to keep the madness from spreading. Looking through the website i discovered that the clothes weren't too different from more expensive ones sold elsewhere. The shorts are so bold that the majority of them provide eccentricity where there was none before. In my opinion this is a good thing. I'll give you an example, it takes a great man to pull off these shorts off. (See below).

Bring in the hardest criminal in all the land. Be he e'er so vile, these shorts shall gentle his condition. They are remarkable. The individual that succeeds in pulling shorts this particular shade of yellow off should be knighted. The shorts are so bold that they stand above all criticism. But if you aren't so daring then the shorts are also available in the following colours:
Brown. (Fairly decent. Rather conservative.)

Camel. (These are quite nice. They're the colour one has come to expect most shorts to be)

Light turquoise. (For reasons unknown these make me uncomfortable)

Raspberry Red. (Epic! #winning TotesAmazeballs! Fantasticals)

Turquoise. (I quite like these. #trueblue)

White. IThese are so impractical that they're almost vulgar)

It seems that the shorts can also be rolled up. That quite frankly is a case of three birds one stone because
  1. Most of these are great
  2. You can have them as short as you like and as long as you like within reason (a "toofer" if there ever was one.)
  3. Things always look better rolled up.

Happy Days,


RESTORED said...

Nice post.

Afam said...

Thank you mom. I'm having Oluseun assist me with a female version. The poor girl tried to get Shola and I to approve a pair of micro shorts from River Island. She was not pleased with the answers she got. :)

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