The Twizy: The equivalent of a Helena Bonham Carter in your garage

I hope that you lot know who Helena Bonham Carter is. If you don't, I'll give you the 411. I hope that that's how 411 is used in a sentence. Anyway Helena's a handsome English actress. She known for playing weird batty characters and she excels at it. She's currently in some sort of relationship with Tim Burton. She features in Dark Shadows which is currently in cinemas (Don't make me spell it out for you, GO SEE IT ASAP). Even more interestingly, in Great Expectations she plays Miss Havisham and that is an example of epic casting. Great Expectations is out later this year.

The best thing about Helena is that she's memorable. You may not like what she's wearing, and you'll probably never understand why she picked that particular outfit but you'll forgive her the fashion faux pas. See example below.

In light of the above it is perfectly understandable, reasonable, rational and logical that I liken the her to the Twizy. Maybe she should get one? See picture below.
He's had his customized. Guess how much Road Tax he pays? None!!

 A few days ago, a buddy (Tolu) and I test drove the Renault twizy.

Tolu holding the 3 metre long cable. (it's three pin plug enabled)
Me in the back of the Twizy obviously having the time of my life
Tolu driving. The car isn't exactly waterproof but we made it work.

At first I was not too keen on the idea. This was mostly because of two things.
  1. I don't have an English drivers license so I wasn't doing the driving.
  2. Driving around aimlessly is not my idea of fun.
 But can you imagine driving around Manchester in that vehicle? I felt like the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes. All eyes were on us. It felt good!

The Twizy is an electric car that's currently classed as a quadracycle. The battery lasts for 60 miles and it has a top speed of over 60mph (Yes Tolu and I drove at 60mph in that thing). The battery weighs 100 kg, and the battery and the engine are located at the bottom of the car so it allows for quite stable driving. The car's about 450kg and I found that surprising. It's like a woman it hides it's weight well.

It comes in several colours, you can also get some add ons like a sun roof, a bluetooth sound system made by blue parrot, really cool rooms and wait for it... you can get it without the doors. So if you're looking for a tiny, fashionable, windowless and green vehicle, that's great for summer then the twizy can be yours for £7000.

Happy Days,


Tolu Ajayi said...

Brilliant, message approved!!
Although I'd liken the car more to Lindsay Lohan. Really young, but actually when you step back looks more like a elderly person's mobility scooter, and takes a loooong time to recharge after you've taken it for a ride. Although, unlike her, I guess very few people have taken the plunge with the Twizy.

Amazing day, let's do it again. Next - hovercraft?

Afam said...

Way harsh Sir Tolu. Yes I approve our next adventure.

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