Lesson in Madness: The dangers of rambling

One of the problems associated with being a rambler is that we often forget to listen. We ramble about this and that. We make noise about everything and anything. We even forget to pause for breath. We scream ourselves hoarse and asphyxiate ourselves with our banter. Then we find that we have nothing to talk about, for because of our incessant yammering, we have missed whatever it was that happened while we were chanting. This is exactly what happened to me tonight. I came on here, ready to start going on about something and I realized that I had nothing interesting to say. So I turned to twitter. Twitter, is a bank of half formed ideas and unanswered questions.

Tonight I stumbled upon this gem of a quote from one Yam who writes poetry.

"One's more likely to risk being themselves at night than say the day and I think that's because the morning seems so far away."

When I read things like this, I find myself doing the craziest things, like counting syllables and wondering where else I could read something like this or wondering about the sort of individual that would say such. Would it be a Master talking to an Apprentice or a middle aged man feeling nostalgic about his youth. I think it's the latter. At first I couldn't make sense of it. So I mentally inserted a comma after each word thinking about where it was I was supposed to pause so that the couplet would gain some meaning. When the meaning did come I still stared at it, trying to wrest even more from it.

Would it mean more if I read it like this:

One's more likely to risk being themselves at  night than say the day,
and I think that's because the morning seems so far away.

The top line has 15 syllables and the bottom 14. There's some assonance at the end of the first line but not enough that it is immediately obvious. What could it really mean?

 To come up with a reasonable answer I decided to have a conversation with myself.

Afam: Are you more yourself at night?
Fam: When are you ever not yourself?
Afam: I'm not sure I follow?
Fam: Well, regardless of what you do, it's still you that has done whatever it was that you did so it must be part of you. To decry some of your actions as not being you because they are unlike you would be a farce because the fact that you did those things would mean that on some level they are you. So the you at night is exactly the same as the you in the morning, even though you might behave differently.
Afam: True, but maybe you're taking it a little to literally.
Fam: How do you mean?
Afam: Well, it's dark at night
Fam: You have a gift for stating the obvious
Afam: Thanks. And when it's dark we tend to do things that we hope no one else notices. Like the time we went dancing on the streets of Manchester in the pouring rain because we were feeling a little jolly.
How I remember the experience.

Fam: That was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Don't knock it.
Afam: True, but we did this at night when we thought no one would see us because had they seen we would probably have been institutionalized.
Fam: Again with the obvious.
Afam: Stop being pedantic. That's the answer. There are only some parts of ourselves we reveal at night when no one else is watching and that's only because the morning, which in this case is a metaphor for discovery, seems so far away.
Fam: I still don't see how this is of any real importance. The price of fish in the market remains unchanged.
Afam: Away.

This my friends, foes and frefoes is a lesson in madness.

Happy Days, Mellow Nights.


Morenike said...

Lool! I love this, so inside your head! aren't we a bit all mad? *sighs*

Afam said...

I t wasn't that far inside my head. I've been talking to myself a bit more than usual this month. The divine convergence of wimbledon, graduation and the olympics must be the cause of it.

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