Let me Dandify you: American Apparel Paraphernalia (Shorts Edition)

Greetings comrades. I looked at my 2 suitcases and the pile of clothes therein and I thought that they must be lonely because I hadn't provided them with any new friends for  a while. I'm convinced that my clothes have nightly parties when I'm asleep. Do you know what partying with the same people for a year is like? Frightfully dull!! So I turned to American Apparel to see what they had in store.

I think the name American Apparel is a misnomer because these clothes don't strike me as being very American. Take these shorts for example...

Yes those tiny things. No they aren't swimming trunks. Yes, they are in fact made of denim. No, they haven't got pockets. Will I be buying them? Probably. The only fault to be found with them is that they are an unreasonable £30. If you can buy a decent pair of jeans for £30 why on earth would you want to spend the same amount on a fraction of the fabric? Having said that my clothes would be thrilled if I added these shorts to their ranks because as my grand father says "Every good party must have a few conference materials (working girls)." These shorts would be the conference materials.

You'll see that the infinitesimally short short is a consistent theme in American Apparel's summer offering. A few weeks ago I might have declared this revolutionary, but now, I think it's depressing. If the British Isles had been bathed in sun shine, 0ne Afam would certainly have raced to the nearest American Apparel store to grab a couple of shorts. It is unfortunate that I have resigned myself to online window shopping. The following caught my eye.
Blue and White stripes, and it's got pockets. I like this one, especially as pockets seem to be rare at American Apparel.
Yes, I know what you're thinking. The answer to the question is no. No, they're not boxers. The website describes them as slim fit poplin shorts and they are £14. They're also available in blue and pink. I'm shocked to silence. Whoever wears this must have the confidence of Brad Pitt. I'm not even sure that Brad Pitt would dare.

These are thick knit Jersey P.E shorts. At this point of the proceedings I'm going to assume that these are legitimately intended to be worn during the rigours of physical education and not for trips to Alton towers. Actually, I think they're Alton towers appropriate. If you don't like these colours they come in black, white, yellow, red, blue, pink, purple, navy blue, cobalt blue, sky blue, green, dark green and grey. £12
I have to admit, I dig the pink more than I dig the navy blue. I think it's odd that the most feminine colour in the world can be so masculine. The shorts also come in royal blue, sea green, jet black, dark grey, silver, and off white. The other pictures are a little questionable see here. £30
Finally, you've got these mocha latte (their words not mine) cotton twill postal shorts. These are really well done. I like the tiny slit on the side, and they appear to be well tailored. In my opinion they are worth the £32. These shorts also come in midnight navy and medium charcoal.
I did not take any of the photographs. All photographs are the property of American Apparel and were taken from americanapparel.com

Happy Days,
Pray for sunshine...


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