Tennis for the Female Poseur

Female poseurs... I see you. You may have thought that one Afam (Hello) had neglected you, but this is not the case. You have been in my thoughts. I'll admit that I haven't been online window shopping for you yet and I know that you have every right to scold me. But never fear, I have been watching the tennis at Wimbledon. What does this have to do with you? It has everything to do with you. Tennis is an amazing sport. It's great for fitness, and your figure.

I imagine that several of you have not taken it up for the singular reason that you do not want to look like trolls while you play. In light of this, I (Afam) have been studying the latest trends at Wimbledon for your benefit. Wimbledon is the London fashion week of tennis inspired sports wear. The designers and models have displayed their wares and I have the winning look from the entire period. *drumroll*

Yes. The look of the tournament was provided by Venus Williams, who has her own clothing line called eleVen by Venus. In this dress she looks like a Nubian Queen. I would proclaim her Naett, the Princess of Elissa. It's a form fitting dress, with an assymetrical neckline and a beautiful back. Simples.

On a side note Venus is a joker. This dress is not yet available in stores. When it is it will probably be $96. You might say that the dress may bring bad luck on court, but who cares? With a dress like that you won't be going home alone.

Happy Days,

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