The Tragic demise of Henry Robertson: An introduction to the characters of my life

It is with grave regret that I announce the death of our dearest friend Henry Robertson. He shall be missed. Henry succumbed to a deep chill while Bunburying away in the South of France. He requested that his ashes be carried in my trusty Toyota Corrolla, from now until the end of all time as he claims that it was in that car that he had the best moments of his life

I first created Henry Robertson on 2011. Henry was meant to be the amalgamation of every friend of note that I had ever had. I quickly realized that this in itself was a fatal flaw. I try to maintain the anonymity of most of the characters in my life. Just as I have maintained mine. It might surprise you that the name I go by in modern society is not actually Afam. I digress. I thought it peculiar that all the adventures in my life should revolve around a fictional character. I imagined that it would get dull very quickly, just as the famous five and the secret seven got dull. If the famous five had recruited new members then things would have been very interesting indeed. I have already extracted the following individuals from Henry’s subconscious:

Asquith’s original name was Kofi-Fish, but for reasons unknown I felt that Asquith was a better fit. Asquith is one of the best friends I have ever had. He’s the only friend I have that insults me more than an enemy would. We’ve been on the greatest adventures together.

Gbaddy is my elder brother. His name may yet change as it’s current form does not provide for the greatest anonymity. If anyone needs anonymity it would be him. His antics are most salacious.

Gil is one of my friends from school. Like Asquith he holds the honourary position of best friend. He can be completely assured in its’ permanence.

Sir Tolu:
Sir Tolu’s an aspiring Dentist musician with whom I have entered into a gay relationship without the sex. I believe that that is what they call a bromance.

I like him. I know he likes me too. We poke each other at least once a month. The name says it all. No words could ever do him justice, so for now I'm forced to make do with the simplest of descriptions for if I should attempt to describe him fully, the superlatives would never cease. I give to you the Big Friendly Giant.

These are the only five that have been featured on the blog so far. I cannot, or will not tell you of the others, for what kind of blogger gives spoilers of his own content?

Happy Days,

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