Trip to Wimbledon: Roger vs. Novak
Sorry It's a little bit late. I've just decided that I should live blog the Wimbledon semi final match between Roger and Novak. It's currently (2-3) Djokovic is serving.

The game's fairly boring at the moment. Neither player seems to have found his rhythm. Djokovic just attempted the splits. It's no surprise that he was broken the point after. Feder leads by four games to two in the first set.

Djokovic seems to be making more unforced errors than usual. It's obvious that he'll attempt to break back. But Federer pounds an ace down the line to hold his serve 40-15. Federer leads 5 games to 2.
Apparently Federer is undoubtedly the best indoor tennis player in the world. One did not know this before.

Djokovic has refused to go down without a fight. He's making statement returns to tell the Federer and the rest of the world that the break of serve was a fluke. He holds his serve 40-0. Federer serves for the first set after only 23 minutes.

Federer takes the first set rather comfortably 6-3. Federer is serving like his life depended on it. He's put in some 128mph and 128mph serves. Anyone who knows anything about the sport will tell you that for Federer this is quick.

Some charlatan shouts, "I LOVE YOU ROGER", I echo his sentiments. Djokovic serves first in the second set. He holds easily. 40-15.

In the second game of the second set. Djokovic has secured 3 break points, and Federer is serving like a limousine head. Djokovic's backhand down the line secures him a break of Federer's serve. My heart is bleeding for Federer.

Djokovic held his serve. He sems to have been infused with new life. It's now Federer's serve. He has no answer to Djokovic's backhands down the line. Djokovic has played Federer to Deuces. Federer answers by playing two brilliant serves. It's a difficult hold for Federer.

Djokovic goes on to hold 40-0. He currently leads 4 games to 1 in the second set. Neither player has been able to produce their best tennis so far. We hope for the best anyway.

Federer holds his serve. BBC dictates that we switch from BBC1 to BBC2. #Cheapskates #Bastards.

Djokovic races to a 40-15 hold of serve. He leads by 5 games to 2 in the second set. I think that this semi final match will be worth more than the final. I really hope that Murray doesn't make it to the final. He's just not very likeable. It's not that I wish him ill, I'd just prefer it if he won everything but Wimbledon. For my peace of mind.

Federer aces his way to hold 40-0.
Djokovic is currently serving. After the linesman psyched Federer out by making a false call. Djokovic returns to epic form and holds his serve. He wins the second set 6-3. The second set was 30 minutes long.

On to the third set. Federer serves first. He holds his serve with a beautiful cross court volley. It was a volley of orgastic proportions.

Djokovic to serve. This game is quite different. The ralleys are longer. Federer plays his way up to 30-40, but puts it wide and misses his chance to break. Djokovic is not getting a lot of his first serves in. He's also making more unforced errors than usual. Djokovic holds his serve. the scores tied at 1-1.

14: 17
I was checking out the competition. Don't be funny, of course I'm getting obliterated.
Federer holds. He leads 2-1. Only about an hour and seven minutes have been played so far.

Boris Becker is of the opinion that this set, the third set is of great importance to federer. He believes that if Federer loses this set he won't be able to come back. Federer is a demi-god his potential cannot be understood by mere mortals. Djokovic holds his serve. The score is tied 2-2.

Both players are becoming more involved in the match. Federer's attempting to over whelm his opponent with some high speed tennis. Djokovic puts to much on his back hand down the line and puts it behind the base line. Federer holds his serve 40-15.

Oh! What's this? Djokovic plays his second double fault to give Federer his first break point in the sixth game of the the third set. After playing an epic 23 point ralley. Federer plays it long. On a side note. I quite like Djokovic's polo. Uniqlo is not a common sponsor here at wimbledon. Because of Djokovic one Afam will be online window shopping at Uniqlo fairly soon. Djokovic is such a nice guy. I'd definitely want him to come to my next barbecue.

We're still on the 6th game folks. Both players have been trading Advantages. Federer gains his second break point in a 26 shot ralley. He's rewarded with sustained applause from the crowd.Djokovic gets the better f him in the next point and we're back to deuce. Federer holds his herve following a vigorous exchange at the net where Federer overplays his volley. The game is tied at 3-3.

It isn't always easy to serve well after missing a few chances in the previous game, but Federer lives up to his reputation and holds 40-15. Federer leads by 4 games to 3. Both players have played themselves into brilliant form.

 Apparently Wimbledon officials have given up trying to stop the players from stealing the official Wimbledon towels. I'll look for some on ebay after the match. Djokovic is serving. I really do like his dress. Djokovic has made 15 unforced errors so far while Federer has only made 8. Djokic holds easily. The game is once again tied. 4-4.

Federer's in a bit of a tizzy. But he pulls through with a powerful serve to hold A-40. Federer's up 5 games to 4. 

Djokovic seems to be struggling to maintain his balance on centre court. He's been slipping and sliding all over the place. federer takes an early lead in the game (0-30). Djokovic makes a massive error to give Federer two break points (15-40). Novak manages to save one, but Federer smashes a volley in to win the third set 6-4.

Wikipedia informs one that Federer is a citizen of both Switzerland and South Africa and that he speaks four languages fluently: English, French, German, and Swiss German. federer isn't dressed badly either. He's more of a dandy than Novak.

Welcome to the fourth set. Where Feerer has already held his serve to lead 1-0. Djokovic is currently serving but it must be said that he isn't himself. He's making far too many unforced errors. He has gifted federer three break points. A forehand on steroids saves one but Novak plays wide in the next rally and is broken by Federer. Federer leads the fourth set 2-0.

It turns out that that was the most important game of the match. Federer went on to win the match in four sets.

I apologise for not being able to finish the live blog. It turns out that blogging cannot compete with the demands of the real world.

Happy Days,

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