Williams Day

Today has been as much about Serena as it has been about me. I saw her Semi-Final match against Azarenka and I'm currently watching her doubles match against Kop-Jones and Spears. It's hard to believe that the Williams sisters have been swimming around my mind for the last 14 years. I can't remember what match it was where Richard Williams said, "If you think she's good, watch out for her little sister. She's going to be better." (I paraphrase but you catch my meaning). I'm not going to give you a full description of the careers of the Williams sisters. If you want that you can head on over to Wikipedia. No, I will not provide a link. I'd prefer it if you remained here.

Serena saw off Azarenka in two sets (6-3, 7-6). During the match she served 24 aces and was only broken once. I can't imagine what goes through the minds of those that face her. When she crouches into position she resembles a beast, or some heavy piece of machinery. I find it baffling that one so stocky has the audacity to be so quick. The camera never fails to linger on her focused gaze as she attempts to stare down her opponents. I can only imagine that she succeeds because even I who watch from the comfort of my couch am intimidated. At thirty they call her the best server in the game. At a press conference when asked if this Wimbledon was her last hoorah she said that she is as tough as nails. I don't know that womens tennis has ever encountered a force as strong. Several fans assume that the only edge she has is her overwhelming power. They neglect to mention her amazing touch and feel for the sport.

Venus has not has an easy go of it lately. We all know that she's been diagnosed with Sjorgen's syndrome, an incurable autoimmune disease. She says that she wakes up each morning unsure of how she's going to feel and that if not for the dream of winning another Olympic medal, she might not have come back at all. She made to the second round of the French open where she lost to Radwanska in two straight sets. This was not as bad as most reporters made it seem for Radwanska will be facing Serena Williams in the Wimbledon singles final on Saturday. Venus made it to Wimbledon, where she was removed in the first round. It was the first time that this had happened since her debut in Wimbledon in 1997.

The William sisters are through to the Wimbledon Doubles Semifinals in two straight sets (6-1) (6-3).

You might think that Serena carried the weight of the victories but this isn't the case. Venus has also played well all things considering. Her serve is still huge and her awareness of the court is brilliant. She's a devil at the net. In doubles their biggest advantage is that they are sisters. They seem to know when to yield to each other. That is something that cannot be gained through training. They move in sync and present in each of their games, is shades of the other (shades of the other sister).

They're beautiful to watch and I shall dread the day that they retire because I doubt that women's tennis will be as exciting.

Happy Days,

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