Womens Wimbledon Final: Serena Williams vs Agnieska Radwanska Live Blog!!

My second attempt at live blogging tennis folks. Serena's playing Radwanska today in the Wimbledon women's final. Without much ado I'll get on with the job.

Serena's one game up. She's started the match well. After securing an easy hold of serve, Serena powered her way through Radwanska's first game where she has had 2 break points. Both of the break points were saved by Radwanska. But Serena is relentless. They're currently in a Deuce battle. After an 88 mile an hour winner Serena secures a third break point. That's all she needs to break Radwanska's serve. Serena is up 2 sets to love.

14:23 (2-0) Serena in the lead
Radwanska's taking a few risks, and they have paid off, because Serena seems to be making more unforced errors than usual. Radwanska pushes Serena to deuce. However that only forces Serena to bring up her level of play. She holds serve with a beautiful drop  shot. Serena's ahead with 3-0.

14:30 (3-0) Serena in the Lead
Neither player has been able to produce their best tennis but the game goees on. Radwanska doesn't seem to be coping with Serena's power well. Radwanska double faults and provides Serena with a Deuce. Shortly afte Serena earns her first break point in the game being played.  She breaks Radwanska's serve yet again. This match looks like a thrashing. Serena leads 4-0

14:35 (4-0) Serena leads
Both players are dressed rather nicely. I think Radwanska looks better than Serena, but that's probably because of the significant difference in musculature. Serena goes on to hold serve, 40-15. She leads 5-0.

14:39 (5-0) Serena leads
Radwanska's really struggling here. She's gifted Serena two break points.  But goes on to save them. At this point I choose to go for a toilet break. Radwanska holds her first game of the match.

14:49 (6-1)
I'm back and Serena has secured the first set but the match is delayed due to wet weather.

The players are back out. You might be wondering what I was doing in the interim. I'll tell you. I was checking up on radwanska because before this year I did not know who she was. So what are the five things we need to know about Radwanska?
  • She's 23 years old.
  • She's 5 ft 8 inches
  • She's ranked no 3 in the world
  • She's made about $10,000,000 in prize money.
That doesn't tell you an awful lot does it?

The game is back on. Radwanska's pulling out all the big guns. She's playing a lot better than she was in the first set. It's also her easiest hold of the match. She wins the first game of the second set 40-15, and leads 1-0 in the second set.

15:15 (1-0) Second set. Radwanska leads.
Serena has been said to have the best serve in the history of women's tennis. However it's lucky that her serve isn't all she's got, as she closes out the game with a brilliant backhand down the line. The second set is tied at 1-1.

15:19 (1-1) Second set. Draw
Serena returns Radwanska's serves quicker than Radwanska can get into position to play the return. The result of this is that Serena breaks Radwanska's serve to assume an early lead in the second set. Serena leads (2-1)

15:22 (2-1) Second set. Serena leads.
Radwanska's normally very stingy with points, but this must not apply to Serena. She's making several unforced errors at the moment. Serena holds serve to lead the second set 3-1.

15:25 (3-1) Second Set. Serena Leads.
I think Radwanska's quite pretty. Her game's improving she holds serve with a minimum of fuss.

15:31 (3-2) Second Set. Serena Leads.
Radwanska is definitely playing better, but it's not enough. Serena holds her serve at 40-30. She leads the second set 4-2.

15:35 (4-2) Second set. Serena Leads.
Radwanska holds serve, to bring the score to 4-3

15:36 (4-3) Second set. Serena Leads
Even at Radwanska's best she does not do the things that disrupt Serena's game. She is not well suited to Serena's weapons. It's a fairly boring final to be honest.  But things are looking up for us. Radwanska has played Serena to Deuce. This is definitely one of the longer games of the match. Serena gained the advantage with an Ace but Radwanska brought it back to Deuce with the longest rally of the match so far. Serena plays a shot in the next rally long and Radwanska gains her first break point of the second set. Serena makes another unforced error and gifts the game to Radwanska. They're drawn at (4-4) in the second set.

15:46 (4-4) Second Set
After being broken Serena puts pressure on Radwanska's serve. But it's to no avail. Radwanska holds her serve at 40-30. She's had a great turn around. I think she now believes that she stands a chance in the match. Radwanska steals the lead in the second set. (5-4)

15:51 (5-4) Second Set Radwanska leads.
Anna Wintour's in the audience. Maybe there'll be a feature on the winner... Who knows? Serena plays a great defensive game to hold her serve. Things are getting exciting. The game is tied at 5-5 in the second set. Radwanska to serve.

15:55 (5-5) Second Set
Radwanska holds easily. It's safe to say that Serena's level of play has declined. Radwanska's back in the lead (6-5).

Radwanska breaks Serena. Both players are tied at one set a piece. In the second set Serena made 18 unforced errors while Radwanska only made 4.

And we've made it to the third set. I'm a little disappointed by this because I haven't got a lot of free time today. I was hoping that the game would be over in two. Serena seems to have recovered from whatever demons lost her the second set. She's played Radwanska to deuce where her unforced errors have made a reappearance. Radwanska holds to lead the final set 1-0.

16:07 (1-0) Radwanska leads
Serana is being forced to produce her best tennis. I don't think she can quite believe that she lost the second set.  Anyway she holds serve. The match is drawn at 1-1 in the third set.

16:12 (1-1)
Some epic rallies in this game. Serena's unleashing a storm on Radwanska, and earns herself 2 break points. Radwanska saves the break points and holds serve
16:20 2-1
Serena serves four straight aces and holds serve. Quite easily. That's what we call a text book performance.

16:23 2-2
Serena breaks Radwanska after playing a great game. And just like that she steals the lead.
16:27 3-2 Serena leads
Serena's dependable serve does the trick. 4-2

Radwanska has given Serena 3 chances to serve for the match. Yes folks Serena is three break oints up. Radwanska saves all three and takes it to deuce.Serena plays a brilliant drop shot and wins the game. She will now serve for the match.

Serena is the 2012 Wimbledon Champion.

  Tennis is a wicked sport. There's no other sport that requires the vanquished to put on a brave face and speak to the crowd and the world. Radwanska is literally weeping. The horror!!! She regains composure towards the end of her interview.

 Serena's so incredibly charismatic. For all her flaws that's the remarkable thing about her. Anyway folks, this has been fun.

Happy days,

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