Words with Friends: The Importance of Reputation

Forgive me my friends and foes. I have been quite neglectful. I left you for an entire week without once caring to impose my adventures upon you. I solemnly swear to correct my actions immediately by rambling about the first thing that comes to my mind... Words with Friends. Some people expect me to be the perfect sportsman when I play this game but this will never be the case for I am the progeny of champions. From an early age I was taught the principal rule of scrabble, and life in general. If it threatens you kill it. Starmix was ignorant of this policy when she challenged me.

Initially, I was shocked for I thought my reputation preceded me. I believed that my brutality and ruthlessness on the field would discourage all but the most worthy of candidates from approaching me while I created dynamic strategies to punish zyngawf_9867647 - a villainous cretin who never fails to deliver a sound thrashing. But then I entertained the thought that Starmix had been harbouring a secret talent, so I prepared to bring my A game. It was a dynamic match. I used all my seven letters on my second word and secured a healthy lead that only grew with each round. By the time I was done with Starmix, she had little or no confidence left. She fled the arena with her tail in her legs.

The following week Starmix applied for a nemesis clause in our friendship contract. I didn't pay this any mind, everyone needs something to aspire to.

Happy Days,

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Starrmix said...

LMAO! You're very crazy! Tail between the legs huh? Well not to worry every dog has it's day! hahahahaha

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