Heritage London MMXXII: Spam is good for you!

I am now a spambot, yes, I share my links incessantly. I facebook them, I tweet them. Today I looked at my facebook timeline and realized that there was nothing on it that was not blog related. When I'm not spamming, I'm writing and thinking about more innovative and compelling ways to spam. It's really quite extraordinary. As a result of this I'm very sensitive to spam. Whenever a link pops up on my livefeed, I click on it because I'm hoping that someone, somewhere is doing the same to mine. There was this link that kept popping up, http://heritagelondon.co.uk/ and because I Afam, am not only legendary but infinitely generous I clicked on it. It is truly extraordinary that I, Afam, a minor celebrity with 195 likes on facebook (LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE) should click on anything but I was particularly pleased that I did, because I saw this...

On seeing this, a lesser human being might have been thwarted fror while it was cool, it revealed nothing. I did the only sensible thing that I could be expected to do in such a difficult situation and scrolled down. No, don't be daft. I'm not going to tell you what I saw, you'll have to find that out for yourself by clicking on the following link http://heritagelondon.co.uk/.

After a lot of reading and clicking, I found that HERITAGE MMXXII (That's the year 2012) is a fashion label run by Melissa Nyasi and Danielli Ofori-Atta. Danielli was the one that spammed me. They'll have the following t-shirts on sale after today, as today is their launch.

All their t-shirts are £25. This one's quite cool. It's inspired by their original totem symbol. I have to say, I imagine that I'll look quite good in this. It's that alternatively cool look I've been trying out. It's just so chilled! It's called the Kenzo.

This one's their original totem symbol. As you can see it's the same as the one before it, except that the logo is tilted 90 degrees to the right and it's smaller. If you buy the one before it, you'll have to buy this one too. I mean, there's no reason not to. Get one in September, and one in October. You'll hardly notice that you spent the money and you'll get 2 pretty darn cool t-shirts too.

This one's the Salome. Apparently this is the one that started the movement. Without it, heritage wouldn't be what it is. It's so delightfully emo. It's definitely a t-shirt for the shallow, because it indicates that you've got some form of depth. It's the first part of a collection with three water colour pieces.

As far as I can tell, this is another version of the one above.
At this juncture I'm quite perplexed. It's like they took a mini stroll in my head and managed to produce a lot of the stuff I was thinking about and feeling. I realize that I'm in danger. I'm quite firmly entrenched in their catchment area. Apologies Papa Afam, I'm a lost cause.
This one's sure to get you noticed. The guy or girl that you think is ridiculously beautiful (We've been through this already, if women can be handsome, then men can be beautiful. I am a beautiful man. Mama Afam tells me so. Did I ever tell you that my nickname was Handsome?) will be sure to comment on it and then BOOOM CHAKA WAWA- you're in! If that conversation doesn't end with you collecting some digits then you shame me.

Yes! Keep talking to me. I can't be helped. I don't even mind that they're white and can only really be worn once before they have to go in the wash and I'm sure that once they get their feet in the ground they'll have several more delightful colours. I'm not myself. I can feel the money draining from my bank account already. Call me customer number 1. This is a great t-shirt too. I don't know what's on it, and that can only ever be a good thing because other people won't know either and then they'll have to ask you about it.

This one's nice, but I must confess that I'm quite relieved, because while I like it and if any one of my friends wore it I'll say great t-shirt buddy, I'm just not compelled to buy it.

This one's called Rahma, they say that it embodies mercy, peace and justice. I say, " I have a beast inside me, and it's dying to come out".

 Needless to say, I'll be getting quite a few of these. The only thing that could put me off at this point is how they fit. The fit of a t-shirt is often more important than the design on the t-shirt itself. But even if the fit sucks I can assure you that i'll get Rahma in XXL. My sister, Bintin adores massive t-shirts. She sleeps in them. Rahma looks like she'll keep the baddies away from her.

The t-shirts already have names so you don't have to think of them yourself. 

I wanted to improve my chances of getting a discount so I lassoed Danielli into my office for an interview. Stay tuned. 

Happy Days,


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