The Afam Entourage: The great separation of the four musketeers.

There comes a time in the life of every young adult when you ask you,

“What the hell am I going to do with myself?”

It’s quite bizarre. It’s like sailing down a particular river for 21 years and then finally reaching it’s mouth only to realize that there was really no need to hurry. That the open sea really isn’t what it’s cracked out to be. At this juncture several of us drop our anchors and stagnate, and some of us tack and gybe around the mouth, moving from side to side, without progressing. We go on gap years, do more degrees and have several mid-mid life crises. But all of us at some point during our higher education experience have a conversation of a similar vein to the one below.

Enter Alphonse, AmDrag (Short for American Dragon. Note that he is neither American nor dragon but he is and will always be a boss. Of course there is a need to describe what exactly is meant by boss in the context of this feature. A boss is one who commands respect without having to do very much at all. When he does us the profound honour of forming words and imbuing them with the vibrations from his undoubtedly spectacular voice box, we all sit as though high, for his philosophical utterances leave us utterly bedazzled.) and Sexycat (Mr. Freshe. Yes with an E. That’s how fresh he is. Whenever you observe his extremely well dressed countenance you sigh and tap yourself on the head. It is necessary that you wonder how you did not think of the odd but hopelessly cool combination of clothes he has put on his very fine frame.)

I would include myself but there’s no need for this. If I were not there, the conversation could never have been transcribed.

AmDrag: Sirs, how are we going to line our pockets in the years to come? It is important that we come up with ideas.

Alphonse: I concur. At this he breaks into song Make money, make money money money.

SexyCat: It is essential for our very survival!

Afam: Indeed. I think that we should go on a gap year.

AmDrag: What does a gap year have to do with anything.

 Afam: Well, this gap year will be different from all others, you see.

Alphonse: How so?

Afam: We should all go to separate corners of the world and find ourselves.

SexyCat: Why? Can’t we find ourselves here?

Afam: It will defeat the purpose! One never embarks on spiritual discovery in his own backyard. You’ll be breaking tradition. While we’re away we work on ourselves, you know? We discover what it is we’re good at and when we come together we compare notes. We will choose the most lucrative talent and push it. Among us we’ll find a manager, marketer, and treasurer to back the talented individual. We’ll be a productive entourage.

Alphonse: And if we fail because we choose wrong?

AmDrag: Then we fail together. All for one one for all...

SexyCat: Sure! But if you’re quoting from the three musketeers, I’ll be Porthos.

Afam: Undoubtedly.

Happy Days,


Anonymous said...

43 years, nay 44 (damn) and 3 months- today I learned a new word: jibe. Thanks.

Afam said...

Thank you sir. I learned that word 3 years ago in Plymouth. It was cold, wet and terribly windy. I find that these are the perfect conditions for any adventure. It was there that I became a level two sailor.

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