100 POSTS!!! LET'S GO RAMBLINGS!!!!!!!!!

We've come a long way haven't we? When I started this, I didn't mean for it to get so big. Well it's hardly big at all but you know what I mean don't you? I started this so that I could make sense of the world as it occurred to me. I suppose you could call it a journal of sorts.

I haven't had the best year. When I say that, please don't pity me because there are so many souls far more deserving of your pity than I. Even if you were to find a soul that was in dire need of an attendee at his pity party I'm sure you could look ten yards and find another. But no, I have not had the best year. The summer months were particularly difficult. It was then that I turned to the blog and churned out an astonishing number of posts about everything and anything. I suppose it was my way of screaming at the heavens and demanding that the world pay attention or jumping in a pool just to see how many ripples I could make.

I thought that I would grow tired, that I would outgrow this. To be a writer you must immerse yourself completely in your work. It must be your life, your bread, your butter and your water. You must write because if you didn't you would die. I don't mean physical death because there are more ways to die than being shot or hanged or poisoned or ill and there are far worse things than death. The man on the tube who works an 8am to 9pm day every working day but would rather be a clown is dead. The woman trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience is also dead.

I see now that I may never grow tired. That even if you didn't read or sometimes find me mildly entertaining I would still write. I fill pages and scraps of paper with thoughts. I read and try to imitate those I respect. I use tools that others use just because I can. For instance when I wrote about the spirit of Mcdonalds in my first rant about Vodafone (The Unfavourable Marriage Series: Vodafone, RIM, and Afam part 1. ) it was me doing a little of what Shakespeare did. Or when I used the drunken lout in Tales from Captain Reginald: Anything goes that was also a little bit of Shakespeare. I read and reread passages from the Count of Montecristo because I adore the flair that Dumas has. I love how overly verbose he is. I read books translated from Spanish because I love how musical they are.

But don't get me wrong if I didn't write I would not die... I would simply do something else. I would ride horses and go trampolining and sail, and wake board, and watch movies, and read books, and play squash, and drive badly, and sing badly and tease my parents and play squash and study Economics because I love all those things too.

I am infinitely grateful for everything. If my heart held any more gratitude I fear that it would burst. So to everyone that has ever given this blog so much as a glance, thank you. To everyone that has commented, thank you. To everyone that liked my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/theramblingsofamadmanafam thank you. To anyone that has supported me and this in any way thank you. To God for things so many that it would be impossible to write them down, partly because they are far too many and partly because I myself do not know all the things He has done for me thank you.

Never fear because I will not write another post like this until I have written at least 500 or until the blog makes £100 or until it receives 100,000 views. So until next time I wish you the Happiest Days, and the most felicitous nights now and always.



Anonymous said...

You like squash a lot I see. You mentioned it twice. :) I'm not surprised you choose to play such a dandy refined country club sport. Congratulations on your hundredth post.

Afam said...

Thanks. I'm fairly sure I know who you are though. Something about the way you string your words together...

RESTORED said...

Thank you kind sir for the humor. For making me smile when I've had a tough day. For sometimes wondering how you evolved to be such a good writer. For the love of books we share.
Wishing you many more happy days.
Mama Afam!

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