Lagosian Adventures: Dashikis, Bez, Chef Fregz and Aphrodisiac Soap.

On the 29th of July, I awoke at 7 and put on my dashiki. Please allow me one tiny diversion.

A dashiki is the African equivalent of a semi-casual suit. Yes! A blazer and slacks. I love them because they have large gaping holes at the arm pits. These ensure that your arm pits remain aerated through out the day. You have no idea how important this is in Lagos. Lagosian body odour is a special fragrance, I think it's an evolutionary development, for it doubles as insect repellent. I have never known a smelly man to be disturbed by flies. Flies only disturb the clean and dry.

Where was I? Yes I put on my dashiki and readied myself for Church. I was rather excited for Mena and Bintin were spiriting me away for an outing immediately after church. It isn't entirely conventional to have outings after Church apart from those involving more church and brunch, preferably a combination of both. In Lagos, it is possible to spend what could be considered a full working day plus overtime in Church. Yes, Nigerians take Church very seriously, so seriously that it is not uncommon to hear that people launder money in service of God. Bizarre no?

I was rather excited for this outing not only because I had missed Mena but also because I was keen to find out what the chat was about Le Petite Marche (LPM). LPM is a sort of market where higher end designers display and sell their wares.

Bintin and I turned up at Getz at about 3pm. We had to park in a parking space that was more bush than parking lot, but I didn't mind. I didn't mind because I had spotted quite the talented singer.
Bez!! Some people call him the African John Legend, and others say he's the best thing that's happened to the Nigerian music industry since D'banj. He's such a nice guy! He didn't mind that Bintin or @squllkandi made him pose for an unbearbly long period of time before securing this shot. His album  Super Sun dropped quite recently and you can buy it HERE. In fact you must buy it!! This is the link Click on it!!!
 After securing that photograph I boxed my ears because I had forgotten to take a picture with him. I'll be sure to remember next time. We strolled into LPM at Getz and I'll be honest. There wasn't a lot that I found interesting. I was rather bored until Mena, Bintin and I stumbled upon this stand.

 No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is what  found amusing. Aphrodisiac soap? Why? Are Oysters and Chocolate and Gambian Cockles and Mussels not enough? We really need Aphrodisiac soap too? As I have no special lady in my life I did not purchase a bar. If you are looking for some excitement in the bedroom why not head to the next Le Petite Marche and buy a bar? If it doesn't work then at least you'll be fairly clean.

We were going to leave when whispers reached our ears about a Chef Fregz event in the same venue. I did not know who Chef Fregz was so I decided to investigate. I made my way to the dining area and stood in the middle like a minor nabob. I did not have to wait long before a waiter came to ask me if I needed a seat. I took the opportunity to bellow in an exceedingly deep baritone, " Where is the Chef? Bring him to me!!!" The poor waiter was taken aback by the boom of my voice and scampered to produce the chef. I remained standing in the middle but my demeanour warmed considerably when i saw my old friend Gbugemi Fregene. The following conversation ensued

Enter Gbubemi and Afam
Afam: What are you doing here old chap? I never thought I'd see you here.

Gbubemi: Ah! It's a small world. I cook here.

Afam: Oh you work under Chef Fregz? Can you introduce me to him?

Gbubemi: Are you mildly addled?

Afam: How rude of you! No why?

Gbubemi: I'm Chef Fregz...

I was so pleased to hear that. It's always nice to hear that your friends are doing well. It fills you with an inexplicable sort of glee and pride. I insisted that we take the following pictures...

 I sat down to a plate of Gnocchi Shaped Eba pieces with luscious spoons of rich seafood okro with fish pices, jumbo prawns, crab claws and shrimps with special ata din din garnish. Below is a copy of the menu he served on the day.

I know you're impressed.

To be perfectly honest I did not understand what the dish was. I just knew that it would have moulded bits of minced, dried and fried bitter cassava with fish and prawns covered with a funky garnish. It was amazing. Bintin had to restrain me from licking my plate.

Happy Days,

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Ps. To find out when the next Chef Fregz event is, click the following link


RESTORED said...

Nice one. Lol @ Lagosian body odour.

A Beautiful Mind said...

as always! entertaining! :)

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