Let me Dandify you: Back To School (The shoe edition)

As you might have heard, in a sudden stroke of good fortune I, Afam have ungraduated from the university of Manchester. I shall be returning to Manchester for a fourth year to complete my third year. It's remarkably exciting isn't it? As I picture myself in lectures and the library and clubbing I begin to map out what it is I'd like to be wearing in the coming year.

Following my recent ungraduation, I have decided that it is time I don the cloak of maturity and ditch the more eccentric and undoubtedly foolish items of my wardrobe. It is no longer appropriate to show up to lectures looking like a geriatric hippy. Papa Afam claims that this and this alone is the sole reason for my bachelordom.

Also as i shall be joining the job market in the following year I have decided that the time has come to retire some of my old shoes, and replace them with more modern less tired looking versions of themselves just as 50 year old men tend to do with their 50 year old wives.

So let's get on with the show shall we.
These are Keats Loafers by Church's. Aren't they lovely. When I saw them in the store I could only stare. They were beautiful. I had to have them. I asked for the price and my dark face turned pale, £355. I flinched. In my mind all sorts of calculations were being processed. If you buy them then you'll have to eat one meal a day for about a month. If you buy them and eat normally then you can't buy anything else until February. I turned to Mama Afam to beg for some assistance but the daggers she stared at me forced my mouth shut and dried out my mouth. There was only one solution BICESTER VILLAGE!!!!!! I picked up a similar pair there for £190. Still a little expensive for a student but they are a justifiable expense.

People wonder why I often push myself to my financial limits lusting after the finer things that the world has to offer. There's a logical reason for this. A good pair of shoes that are well maintained can last a lifetime and though worn and battered any being that looks upon them will be sure to comment on their quality. However a bad pair of shoes regardless of how new, clean and shiny they may be will always be a bad pair of shoes. They will also probably have to be replaced every two years. By buying Church's I know that for the next decade or two my feet will be encased in the finest materials that the world has to offer.

While you're breaking in the Church's your feet will need some solace. Anyone who knows anything knows that even with they're extremely short life spans Toms are perhaps the most comfortable shoes available on the high street. They're also incredibly easy to pull off. You need not consider whether or not they go with whatever it is you have chosen to wear. The above pair can be yours for £37.

These are timberland boat shoes. Over the years they've become an essential part of my wardrobe. I started wearing them when I was 16. At 22 I still wear the shoes. When the sole was irreparable I got them resoled. Getting these shoes resoled costs about £85 but why buy another when you can have the ones that you know and love? They're like children. Even though we all know how to make them, when they fall ill we'd rather treat them than get new ones.

These are for the gym, or whatever sporty endeavour you feel that you may undertake in during your time in school. I do not need to tell you how great they are. You've always known that you've needed a pair of decent trainers in your arsenal. You cannot believe that it's taken so long for you to buy them. Don't wast any more time, click here. They're a respectable £50.

These are for everything else. Whenever you're in doubt about the footwear required for any casual affair put these on. They'll get you out of many a tight spot. Mine have endured grime, mud, sweat and blood. They've even endured prolonged periods of abandonment. They are about £36.

If you have all these shoes then you're prepared for any and every eventuality that university life can throw at you. Your feet will be sure to inspire double takes in passers by. I guarantee it with full confidence.

Happy Days,

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