The Questions at the End (Part 3)

This is the last in the questions at the end series. I'm considering compiling them unto one blog post, but that's a matter best considered later. I find that the more personal things are, the harder it is for me to post them. The time is ripe for this one.

The Questions at the end 1
The Questions at the end 2

When will they be answered?
These questions that spanned three chapters.
We stayed with you from one through three
But were only met with obscurity.

It matters not that we knew nought,
The answers mean just as much.
We feel just as bad as you,
For not knowing what you went through.

I need not tell you,
Look to the ode on Melancholy,
I knew but I didn’t listen,
I looked to the river Lethe,
And counseled with the poisons three.

Our questions have been answered,
These questions that spanned three chapters,
But still we are not free,
Our guilt will linger long after,
For we knew we had forsaken thee.

The truth is I had forsaken me,
Had I not, we never would have come to this,
I can’t forgive your transgressions,
What you thought transgressions were surely imagined.

Your questions have been answered,
The only questions now are about the here after.
I know not what comes next,
But, I’m here to see the rest.

Happy Days,

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