Topman for Teenage Cancer: The T-Shirt Collection

I was a little out of breath from my exertions on Saturday morning when I strolled into the Topman store. This was the Topman just across the road from Saint Paul's Cathedral. For this visit I had donned the aura of a minor Middle Eastern Baron. Chest out, tummy in, and arms swinging in both a pompous and twattish manner. I was trying to give the impression that I had cash oozing from me. But as you all know the emptiest barrel makes the most noise. I'm sure the Topman staff figured this out as well when I directed myself to the sales rack.

I tried one or two things on and prepared to leave. As I was leaving some sign caught my eye. It was a sign that I could not ignore.
I was intrigued. I hadn't known that Topman was so charitable, especially about a cause that I'm particularly sensitive about. I called one of the floor staff and asked him where the t-shirts were. He showed me. They're only four of them, and their designs are rather unique.

Each t-shirt is £18 and £5 of this goes to the teenage cancer trust.

I can't  comment on each individual t-shirt. If I could, I wouldn't care to. It isn't a matter of taste or style, it's surrendering your body to a higher cause. By buying and wearing one of these t-shirts you're saying "I'm well aware that there are others in need of my help (my love, my thoughts, my prayers, or my support), I may not know who they are or where they are and even if I did I would probably not be able to get to them. So not only will I contribute £5 to their cause, I will also wear this banner. I will be a walking poster of the Topman for teenage cancer trust because that's the least I can do as a decent human being."

This is mine. I will wear it to classes, to meet friends and on nights out. Thanks to the topman staff who let me have the poster card. It's going on my wall when I move into my studio.
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