Give Credit Where Credit is Due

When I was younger, I believed that society had an unspoken rule, "One must always fail to notice anything about the looks of other men." When asked by the girls in my year who the best looking guy in the year was, I would always name myself and say, "how the hell am I supposed to know?". While I do admit that I am rather good looking you must understand that I was hardly attractive then. Not only did I wear glasses and braces, I also lacked two things necessary for any male to be called handsome; front teeth.

If you are like I used to be and give the answer "how the hell am I supposed to know?" when asked about the physical attributes of another male then you sir are a liar! Are you blind? If you discovered that a good looking chap had recently befriended your girlfriend would you not be worried? Or would you claim that all was fine because you were unaware of how your girlfriend could find such a man attractive? No! You would seek out his motives and take action.

I really don't know where all of that came from.

 Happy Days,

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