We are the party by the Ex Girlfriends featuring Lupe Fuentes

Hello it's been a while. Actually... it hasn't. I shared my wisdom with you on Wednesday or so. You should be pleased that I deigned to gift you with my thoughts and rambles. Which reminds me, one of you has been more than a little bit silly.

The individual read the old blog and said,

"It's okay but it's rather all over the place."

To that I say,

"Did you not read the title? It's the Ramblings of a Madman. You should be pleased that I write in English and not the language I invented when I was 6."

Now where was I?

I Afam, am fairly keen on anime. Every other day I visit www.animecrazy.net to get my fix of Onepiece, Naruto Shippuuden, or Fairy Tail. In all honesty the website is like most other websites of its kind. There is nothing spectacular about it. It merely performs its function. It is no great revelation. However in one regard it is the worst. All websites of this nature seem to take pleasure in force feeding us some advert or the other, but in my opinion this one went the extra mile to annoy me. I cannot think of any other reason why I should be exposed to such.

(It appears as a pop up and starts playing before you know that it has popped up. So you spend the next 10 seconds looking for the offensive window and wondering how to make it stop.)

I'm not speechless very often, but I was after watching this. To say that it is awful is an understatement. It is quite possible that they broke autotune during the song because I thought autotune made everyone sound better. If autotune did in fact make them sound better,  I'd hate to think what they sounded like before they edited the song.  I was so confused by it that I had to have a conversation with myself. This is what people do when they're confused, isn't it?

Enter Afam and Fam

Afam: What the Jigglypuff was that?

Fam: Acid for your ears.

Afam: But why?

Fam: It might have been commissioned for Guantanamo bay by Obama.

Afam: Ha! That wasn't funny at all. I think you're losing your edge.

Fam: It wasn't meant to be funny. Sometimes unfunny jokes are appropriate.

Afam: Don't be ridiculous all jokes are meant to be funny.

Fam: We'll agree to disagree. I think they might be pornstars.

Afam: That makes sense. I can see how this got made if they are.

Fam: You can complain all you want but the video has got 13 million views and 10,000 likes on youtube. That's more than you've ever got.

I think the original video got taken down so it's something like 2 million views now.

Afam: So should I be pleased for them?

Fam: Why the hell not? Aren't you pleased when people win the lottery?

Afam: Be that as it may, people who win the laundry don't assault me on the streets for the mere purpose of telling me that they've won the lottery. If they did, I might violence them.

Fam: Violence them?

Afam: Yes, I'm not sure about the sort of violence yet.

Fam: That being said the lyrics are a thing of wonder?

Afam: How so?

Fam: They might be so bad that they should be preserved.

Afam: You can't mean it!

Fam: I do. There's a bit that goes like this.
I took my disco nap,
Walk in a room,
Party time, fiesta.
They call me Lady Lupe, everybody goes insane,
From the Sangria, Magarita Uh Uh Ole!

Afam: What the metal garurumon could that mean? 

Fam: That's the brilliant thing about it no one knows.

Afam: I don't think it's the lyrics that are the matter. It's that it was put together in so tasteless a fashion that all watchers and listeners are scarred by its audacity. Once seen or heard it can never be forgot. It is the pinnacle of tastelessness. This is coupled with the fact that we cannot prevent it from popping up.

Fam: You can.

Afam: How? You should have said this 20 lines ago.

Fam: Sorry old chap. I was enjoying the conversation. Go to http://adblockplus.org and they'll sort you out.

Happy Days and Thank me Later,


Anonymous said...

did you know that girl "lupe fuentes" is an actual pornstar??? Patetic!

Anonymous said...

the same story here.. only difference, it was from dramacrazy.net

Afam said...


Afam said...


Anonymous said...

It always pops up when I try to watch The League. I thought it was a joke at first. I feel like Helen Keller could have sang, mixed and produced all the parts of that song and would it be better than whatever the hell sounds that pop-up advert produces.

Afam said...

HAHAHA That's Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Get this same annoying song all the time on 1channel, hoping they update the add soon...

Afam said...

I hope they update it with something less annoying for the safety of your ears, but I don't want to seem ungrateful because if not for the spectacularly awful video, you wouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

Thirteen million views and only ten-thousand likes, I am pretty sure that is more or less 1 in 100 people who actually liked this rubbish which is a slight relief but it still doesn't change the fact I have to hear this awful song every time I want to watch a show. It makes me cringe and wish it would go away, I agree whole heartedly with the Helen Keller remark. Lupe should stick to what she knows like getting her brains screwed out of her, if she has any left that is.

Afam said...

I'm afraid I must correct you kind sir or madam, that is 1 like per 1300 views. I'm sure that's even more of a relief. I feel your pain. The next time I hear we are the party party, we shake it boom boom I might cut a b***h. I kid. I actually haven't seen any videos of her doing what she does best. I'll have to correct this soon. Thanks for reading.

Happy Days.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'm the only one who's annoyed with her video. :D . Even heard that she even posted something like thanking ALL her fans for watching the video. It's more like they--I mean WE have no choice but to watch it right? Since it just mysteriously pops out of the website then plays by itself, automatically adding up the number of views in Youtube!

Afam said...

Shady tactics if you ask me. I discovered a solution to the problem. Downloading an ad blocking app seems to help!

Hi bitches said...

that song fucken sucks ass. All those stupid chicks need cock in their mouths to shut the fuck up

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog while looking up who in the world are these girls and wondering about their aggressive marketing strategy.. But hey, it worked, I now know who Lupe Fuentes is!!
It does rape my ears every time I try to watch a show on vidbull though..

Anonymous said...

This song is so annoying, that I had to search for other people who shared my opinion, thankfully your blog came up. So fucking annoying.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. this advert needs to go away fast.. must pop up about 10 times a day.

sounds like a crazy frog song

Anonymous said...

This comment might sound bitchy but it has to be said, because nobody else seems to be moaning about these annoying girlfriends anywhere else on the web. minus their actual videos.

If the The Ex-Girlfriends were not such perverts they would totally be a hit, it's better to have a clean image than a dirty one when you are in the music industry, tounge in cheek always works, but actually starring in porn videos wtf... Not to mention that they have so much autotune over their voices. Lupe sounds terrible, i can hear her spanish or w/e the **** accent she uses burn through the autotune like acid. "P.S anyone who responds to me stating her origin, don't bother because i don't give a crap what race she is" all i know is that she sounds terrible.

Recent Video:
"Get someone who can actually sing, and the song wouldn't sound like complete and utter fart".

The ExGirlfriends keep popping up everytime i watch a FREE MOVIE ON SOLAR MOVIES. (Most of them are complete lesbians)

The song even mocks us the public and says "Watching Pirated Films".
The only reason why they have a shit load of views is because every single music video they release, they pay the people who host on the pop up websites. Not to mention that Youtube pay you if you reach like over 1 million views....

To tell you the truth i don't think they care what people say, they are into smut and always will be.

Afam said...

That's more than a little bit bitchy. If the Ex Girlfriends have a smidgen of musical talent or ability between them then they might be a hit. As they have not shown that they have anything even remotely resembling musical talent, they probably won't be. Yeah they're porn stars, and I don't see what the big deal is. I think their musical projects are a bid to leave porn. While the sentiments are good, I feel that they should concentrate their talents in more suitable waters.

Anonymous said...

So that makes Lupe the lead singer? Well according to Lupe's official Wikipedia she is a known fugitive, although they cannot seem to get ahold of her. (She must be really powerful)

Lupe Fuentes Wikipeda:

Little Lupe Fuentes remains a fugitive and "one of the most wanted women in Europe". Authorities believe Little Lupe Fuentes is hiding out in the United States. According to Laudi Jaterka, Staff Writer, it is surprising to a lot of people in the Adult Entertainment Industry that everyone knows where she lives. She’s been spotted more than once at the offices of major adult film distributor Pulse Distribution’s and there have been more “sightings” of Lupe Fuentes hanging out at nightclubs in the Los Angeles. But, as per reports, "Colombian authories are working closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigations to help apprehend Little Lupe Fuentes".

Was just watching a film when I heard some fart sounds pop up and I was like omg not again....

Afam said...

This is why I love you guys. That made me laugh so hard!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

All their views on youtube are people trying to get to an HBO show through 1channel. I mean, I personally must have shut it down about 100 times ... and i can't even star to listen to it for 5 seconds. I panic when i hear it and start scrambling through my tabs.

Anonymous said...

omg they are the most ANNOYING irritating band and their marketing strategy is just beyond ridiculous! their pop ups were driving me crazy!! thank you for providing a solution, i never want to hear them, about them or to them ever again!!!!

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