50 Shades of Afam

I just finished the 50 Shades trilogy. At first I was scared that because her books were the last I'd read in a while my writing style would be reduced to fingers that are impossibly long and touches that linger for what would generally be considered an unhealthy period of time. Most people complained about the books but I adored them. They were not just a guilty pleasure but a retarded one. Yes, a sort of psychotic break, one that had me doubting my sanity for varying lengths of time. Halfway into 50 Shades Freed I found that I was only reading every other other page because I am no longer inquisitive about sex. I received my sex education from the best; Jackie and Olivia and Sidney. Don't be ridiculous, these aren't people that I actually know. They're writers. I read If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon when I was 11. Coming to think of it I shouldn't have because if I remember correctly there were a few lesbian rape scenes and one very very good sex scene three quarters of the way through. By the time I was 12 I was extremely capable of replicating even the most sordid and tremendous scenes. But all of that is water under the bridge. It occurred to me that I should put my literary sexpertise to good use.

I'll be releasing a Chapter every Sunday.

Happy Days,

P.S I must warn you, this one is rather Lagosian in nature. 


Reni J said...

Whoop whooooooop! My Sundays have gained new meaning. But on second thought, 50 shades.. on a Sunday? LOL. x

bobby ezidi said...

been wondering which sidney sheldon book to read next... I believe i'd wonder no more... Btw, A piece on 'a song of fire and ice wont b a bad idea' wt say u

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