In which I am NAKED with a couple of GIRLS and 1 other dude.

Yo! What's up? I write this while using my favourite facility in my house, the toilet. It happens to be a rather nice toilet, with wooden seats and everything.

My Universities naked calendar has been released and the picture is now online. This means that I can now post it here for you all to see.

As you can imagine, shooting it was very fun. A little awkward but very fun all the same. A few weeks after the photo was taken I was editing a recording in the studio while talking to my highly esteemed and morally upright African father on speaker phone, when the girl on the right of the mega phone stormed in and screamed, "I HAVE SEEN YOU NAKED!!!" Papa Afam nearly had a heart attack. We were silent for about 5 minutes after which he asked me about the weather. He  never brought it up again. You see, on all matters like this Papa Afam's policy is consistent. His policy is,

"Do what you like, but let me see no signs of it unless she's pregnant with your bastard or you've proposed."

If you would like to see my fairly skinny but not too skinny, not ugly but not ridiculously good looking self in your bedroom then please email this woman: and request a copy.

Merry Days, and Merry Nights

To read about it and why i did it, please click here:

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