Introducing Bengo Belts

Just the other day I was hanging out on facebook. Yes, this is a thing. I have come to the conclusion that facebook is like a massive market, no, Village Square that people go to for their daily doses of inter-personal contact (does that apply here? who cares?).

Yes where was I? It is so difficult to stay on topic. I was hanging out on facebook when I got an invitation to like a Bengo belts facebook page. This facebook page here: you should probably click on it. As far as pages go it's fairly decent.

The page was rather interesting so I decided to have a gander on their website. (Just a note, they might want to stick the web address higher up the page. Not everyone is as inquisitive as I and even I hate scrolling down looking for information that should be screaming at me. It annoys me.)

That is a Bengo belt.

Bengo Belts was founded by Ben Hayward at the end of 2011. The idea attacked him quite violently while he was trudging through the mountains of Western Guatemala. As he stopped to gaze at the beautiful valley below he thought, "There is a niche in the market for bright belts!!"

Bengo belts are meticulously hand woven by Mayan women in the same place where dear Ben was violently attacked by the idea, the Mountains of Western Guatemala.
"The idea behind a Bengo Belt is that it is non selective. Anyone can wear one. They are bright belts designed to add a bit of colour to a plain pair of jeans or a dull pair of chinos.No two belts will carry the same design so in every sense of the word they are truly unique and individual. Watch out for more products based around the Bengo ethos of bright, colourful and fun."
                                                                                                                      Ben Hayward of Bengo Belts
I have left you four opportunities to visit their website, so go on my people!

Happy Days,

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