The DRB Lasgidi Adventure... (sort of?) Part I: Mega Chicken, DJ Pizzle, and DRB Lasgidi

On Thursday night the first ever DRB concert was held and I Afam was present, front and center. Well... not exactly front and center. To have been front and center I would have needed fifteen thousand naira (£60) for a VIP ticket. Normally I would have bitten the bullet but the opportunity cost was too high. My expenses were piling up. Tickets to the Chris Brown concert start at fifteen thousand naira, my Corolla has no fuel, Captain Reginald is low on dog biscuits and treats. Have you ever tried to explain to a full grown pedigree Rottweiler that you were unable to get his favourite brand because you spent too much on concert tickets? I could not bring myself to do such a thing.

After my last experience with DRB Lasgidi, I was a little more cautious. The last time I attempted to see them live I got to the venue at the prescribed time only to wait for three hours before seeing them on my way out. It was a very rewarding experience I tell you. I had quite the exciting nap. I slayed the whomping willow and chased a red haired maid all over Hogwarts. Time well spent I say. The concert was meant to start at 6pm so I left my house at 6pm. I was certain that Lagos would throw a multitude of obstacles at me to ensure that I magically arrived whenever the concert was meant to start.

My sister, Bintin and Ope, one of her many friends were with me in the car. I was driving.

Feat your eyes on the one, the only, pimp mobil, lad chariot (LARIOT?), Afam carriage, blue bolt, car of steel, super Toyota, etc.

Enter Bintin, Ope and Afam

Ope: Oh My God! I can't believe we're going to see DRB.

Bintin: It's their first concert. I'm so excited.

Ope: I don't know what I'll do when I see Boj! I think I might faint.

Bintin: Boj is nothing special. It's all about Fresh L. He's too... too... He's just too fresh!!!

Ope: I don't know what you see in him. Boj is just... artistic. 

As I hit the Lekki Express way Bintin delivered the most unfavourable news.

Bintin: Afam, we have to pick Chibz up.

Afam: Cool. Doesn't Chibz live in Lekki phase 1?

Bintin: No, he lives closer to VGC.

I nearly had a heart attack. Driving to VGC is just as bad as driving to Ogun State. I only do it on pain of death. But I had to this time, Chibz is my cousin and if you can't come through for family then what are you doing? I increased the pressure on the accelerator. I intended to beat the traffic. I was certain that there would be traffic. Isn't there always traffic enroute to VGC?

After we passed the second tollgate I had the following conversation with dear Bintin

Afam: So where does he live again?

Bintin: The right turn after Megachicken.

We got to Megachicken only to discover that that was not where Chibz lived. We had missed the turning to his house and even worse we had finally met the traffic I had been so keen to avoid. We had to drive through it to make a U turn at the round about. We did this thrice before we finally picked him up. The things I do for family!!

We drove into Harbour point at 9pm. I was a little worried at first. I thought we had missed half the concert but then I thought to myself,

"Dude! you're in Lagos. It isn't better late than never, it's better late than ever! I think you've finally arrived at the right time for something. Congratulations!"

When we walked in, I was surprised to find the arena quite empty. I considered leaving but DJ Pizzle's tunes kept me firmly in place. That can only serve as a testament to DJ Pizzle's DJing abilities. A good DJ arrests you with his music, renders you incapable of logical thought and reduces you to the most spastic movements. Are they not terrible? Within minutes I found my left leg ticking to the music. I looked on with inquisitive eyes, and wondered what the night had in store...

Happy Days,

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