What's your poison? (Tennessee Honey anyone?)

I didn't drink much before I was 17. I was only ever allowed a glass of Champagne and a sip of Guinness from my grandmothers glass. Drinking then struck me as unnecessary and drinking to excess, hedonistic.

I had my first beer when I was 17. It was my first social at Cheltenham. I remember it clearly. I stood at the bar and said very clearly, without faltering, "Two Budweisers please". Two because I didn't want to have to queue to get the second. I was fairly sure that I would need the second because my bloodline boasts an impressive tolerance to alcohol.

My Grandfather has been known to start his drinking day at 10 in the morning, and this summer my grandma who has Vascular dementia asked me to get her a bottle of red wine so that she could drink it atop the porch.

That night I didn't stop at two. No, instead I sprung for two more. The result of this was me being in the middle of a 5 man sandwich that would require several more drinking sessions to strip from memory.

Even then I didn't really see the good of it. The first Budweiser had an interesting taste to it. It was foamy and light, while still managing to be full bodied and interesting. The second tasted quite like the first but the full bodied texture of it seemed to have vanished. The third and fourth tasted like watered down urine.

The next drink I would tackle after this was red wine. The wines I tried didn't taste nice per say but they were full of character. They slowed by usually rapid thoughts down to the point where I was able to express them with amazing clarity. However I over did it one night and I thought I was dying in the morning. I barely made it to the bathroom in time to spew several pints of burgundy sick.That experience put me off it slightly.

In University I sought to improve my drinking skills by introducing my palate to a whole new range of drinks, cocktails and spirits. I spent nights out of my mind on vodka, tequila, rum, disaranno, amaretto, Ale, beer, gin, wine and Irish cream highs or lows. All of those drinks and Spirits were fine, except I didn't see the point of drinking if I wasn't going clubbing. You would never catch me reclining on the sofa with a mojito in hand.

All of that changed when I discovered Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Liqueur. I found myself doing what I'd never thought I'd do: drinking for no damn reason! I pour myself a shot before I make supper, a shot when I'm done with supper, I put a shot in my tea, I casually sip a shot while I write my essay. I think this means that after 5 years of searching, I have found my poison. Try it. It might be yours too. It goes down like Malibu, kicks like Vodka and burns like Brandy.
goes down like malibu, kicks like vodka, and burns like brandy

Happy Days,

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Starmix said...

The makings of an alcoholic :)

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