Chairman by M.I: Afam for the Win

Greetings Famzers, it appears that I Afam have fumbled and bumbled my way unto a blogging win.

Apologies for it has just occurred to me that some of you may not know what the Pikachu a Famzer is. Do not worry for I Afam am exceedingly good natured. I shall cure you of your ignorance. A famzer is anyone who reads the blog. There, I said it. If you would like to know more about this, then click on the link below. 

In the blogging world, infinitely tiny blogs such as mine must contend with the blogging juggernauts of the world for views. Because the super massive blogs have first dibs on news, we infinitesimally tiny blogs can only adapt what those stupendously large blogs have written about this and that or such and such or provide commentary on what other more famous writers have written.

Let it be known that on Friday the 22nd of March, precisely one month before my 23rd birthday, I Afam beat out Bella Naija, Ynaija, Linda Ikeji and every other blog run by a Nigerian.

We all know that the very good Nigerian rapper M.I debuted the first track of his new album three days ago on the Beat 99.9 Fm. The Beat 99.9 Fm is quite possibly the only radio station in Nigeria worth listening to. Most of the others are very likely to give you an aneurism. Some of you might have heard him introduce the track but none of you have seen him introduce it. Yes, I Afam have obtained the footage from a certain Rainbow Joe on youtube. Why any grown man would name himself after a rainbow is beyond me, I imagine that he must have a rather colourful personality. The video also features radio stars, Maria and Olisa. Enjoy!!

And below lies the song that was introduced, Chairman. In all honesty I'll probably never listen to the entire song when I'm in control of the music. Perhaps you'll have better luck with it.

Happy Days,

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