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A new opportunity has arisen for you louts to do some good in the world. As most of you are incredibly practical you are shockingly incapable of doing anything good without getting something tangible in return. I, Afam have gone out of my way yet again to present you with another chance to be charitable. Did you know that Malaria kills a child every 45 seconds?

Jack Wills, has been a significant partner of the charity Malaria No More UK, since 2011. They raise money through the sale of two rather stylish bracelets made in South Africa by the not for profit social enterprise Relate, a United Against Malaria partner. All profits from the sale of the bracelets go to the charity Malaria No More UK. As someone who suffers from Malaria repeatedly, I can confirm that it is a cause worthy of your coin.

(I seem to have a natural affinity for the illness. At some point in my adolescent years I would get it at least once a year, every year, without fail at the end of rainy season. It was like clockwork. When diagnosed and treated early, it isn't very serious at all. Left untreated, it very quickly morphs into a hydra like beast that is quite capable of claiming a life. It isn't a thing to be trifled with.)

It can be yours now for £5 by clicking on this sentence. Click. What harm can it do?

It can be yours for £5 now by clicking on this differently coloured line. Don't be a wimp. Click.

 Malaria kills more children under 5 than any other single illness.

I cared enough to pick one up. Perhaps you should too.

Happy Days,

A little appreciation never goes amiss.

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A Beautiful Mind said...

Good cause/ love the bracelets. Might just get one

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