Olisa's off air Interview with M.I on the Beat 99.9 FM

On the 19th of March M.I Abaga, the self proclaimed Mr. Incredible visited the Beat 99.9 Fm studios where he debuted his new single, Chairman from his new so far untitled album. He was interviewed by Olisa before he went on air and he confirmed that his album would be out before the end of June. It's a rather entertaining interview filmed by the fastest rising video guy in Nigeria, Rainbow Joe. I know this may sound like an impossible and irresponsible statement to make, but how does one film the likes of Olisa and M.I within hours of creating his youtube channel? I suspect that this very liberal Rainbow Joe has just returned from a long spell abroad and has set his sights quite firmly on dominating the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Ps. There's something you might have missed in the sentence above. You must ask yourselves how I came to the conclusion that the hepta-coloured Rainbow Joe must be very liberal indeed. I shall not spell it out for you. 

Enjoy the edited version,


And for those of you die hard M.I fans, I Afam have also obtained the unedited version which is a whole 5 minutes longer than the edited version. Am I not great?

Do not forget who brought it to you first. I am Afam, I am mad, and I have vanquished all bloggers and vagrants to bring you the scoop on M.I's latest album which will have 13-15 songs on it. Fear me.

Happy Days,

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