On Lanre Aluko, Fashion Blogging and Ripsticking

It has occurred to me that I Afam, being incalculably talented am more than capable of delving into the exceedingly dandy and foppish waters of fashion blogging. You see, I was having fun on the internet when I stumbled on Lanre Aluko's blog. It really is something for I stayed enraptured for the better part of a whole day. I was so intrigued that I found myself plugging his blog almost as much as I plugged my own. The things he wears are just so comment inspiring that I could not help myself. I had the distinct pleasure of taking a photograph of him when we both attended Bez' Super Sun concert in Eko Hotel.

At the very least he commands your attention.
If you would like to see more then visit his blog where he documents the hustle of being a fashion blogger, stylist, singer, song writer and personal shopper one interesting outfit at a time. His outfits are usually so interesting that the eye never knows where to settle. It is a rather stimulating experience.


After taking a good look at his blog I had the following conversation with myself.

Enter Fam and Afam

Fam: We can do this can't we?

Afam: Of course we can. To suggest otherwise would be sacrilege. We have some questionable days but we aren't that terrible are we?

Fam: No. We clean up nicely once we set our minds to it.

Afam: And if we look horrible?

Fam: Then we look horrible. We'll go down in a blaze of glory.

Afam: If I'm to agree to it, then we must always take our pictures in the elevator or standing on the side of the road hailing imaginary taxis for the sake of standing on the side of the road hailing imaginary taxis.

Fam: I quite agree. That would give the rather favourable impression that we're extremely busy. We mustn't do it like this:

While Ripsticking during the christmas holidays in the Lagos sun, I thought it apt to wear something both practical and dare I say it fashionable! Oh you don't know what Ripsticking is? Have no fear for Afam's here! A Ripstick is a little bit like a cross between a skateboard and a bicycle. Once you push off your feet never need leave the deck because you propel yourself by wriggling your hips forward and backwards. I wore a pair of Dolce and Gabana glasses that I quite like. I like them because I do not have any choice but to like them. As I am both miopic and astigmatic, wearing glasses isn't really choice for me. Without them I would probably have walked into the back of a rubbish van by now. The t-shirt is from Ralph Lauren, and I can practically hear your question. Why was he wearing a dark t-shirt while playing in the sun in the tropics? It was for fashion god dammit! I finished off the look with a statement pair of reddish pink shorts from John Lewis and a pair of black plimsolls from Lacoste. It is incredibly obvious that my passion for fashion burns more brightly than a thousand suns put together.

Afam: Oh God! That's terrible.

Fam: It is indeed.

Afam:Yes. I'm disappointed that you even dared think it.

Fam: I'm sorry it shan't happen again.

Afam: And the outfit was so practical that it made my stomach churn.

Fam: It will be more fabulous next time, I swear it. Are we in agreement?

Afam: Yes, we stand as one.

And that was how I talked myself into becoming a fashion guy.

Happy Days,

Happy April Fools Day

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