The Brat Pack of Naija

I, Afam am not faultless. In fact, I have so many faults that if I dwelt on them all I would be driven mad by them. One of these is the intense spirit of competition that blogging stirs within my breast. I am fairly aggressive about the blog. I cannot tell you why this is, but it seems to have something to do with the fact that the thing I would most like to do flickers and wavers in front of me like the smoke from a candle. It is so fickle that if I do not reach for it with  my arms, feet and tongue I shall never hold even a tendril of it in my grasp. I cannot afford to be complacent. As such it shouldn't shock you that when another blogger rises from the same catchment area as I, I am most displeased. My feelings toward them border on the criminally insane.

It pleases me to say that I have made progress for I came across a new blog that didn't light even one competitive fire in my belly. In fact I was rather deflated by it. You see, I expected to feel some sort of burning passion within my chest but all I could muster was the sort of apathy I have for the pubic hairs I shed in the shower.

The blog in question is called The Brat Pack of Naija. The title makes me smile a little. It makes me smile the way I smile at those less evolved than I. Yes, it makes me smile the way I smile at Captain Reginald when he smells the arse of another dog. The blog features pictures of and from the so called brats of naija. There are two problems with this. The first is if anyone featured isn't actually a brat then it's libel isn't it? The second is that several of the pictures were nicked from people's instagram accounts and used in a way that is both unethical and invasive. And even if the former don't matter to the blogger, it is still copyright infringement.

(I Assume that Lady BP stands for Lady Brat Pack… Why anyone would include brat in their title is beyond me. Does he/she not know that brat is only one letter removed from rat and a subtle reminder to everyone with even a fraction of anything remotely resembling good sense that he/she is a petulant nincompoop in need of a good spanking?)

Lady BP, I Afam have seen you.

Happy Days,

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