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I am sorry my famzers, I have failed you. If you are new then you're probably wondering who a famzer is as it is not yet a word in the English English dictionary. If it were a word in the American English dictionary I would not be surprised at all. Famzer is the name I lovingly bestow on all readers of the blog. I say tonnes more about it here. Now where was I? I really must put more effort into staying on topic, but it is quite possible that you enjoy it when I digress. I am sorry my famzers, I have been terrible. I have not gone online window shopping and told you what it is that you should be buying and wearing since September. I assume that you have all gone about naked.

I'll have you know that I, Afam am uniquely qualified to go online window shopping on your behalf. On Tuesday I was featured on the GQ Style Hunt. I went through the trouble of taking a screenshot of it for your viewing pleasure. In my opinion this is the only qualification I'll ever need.

So you know that fashion blog you've been reading? Stop. He isn't as stylish as me. Even though I don't blog about clothes very often, quality is always better than quantity.

After seeing the pictures, you must all be unbelievably desperate to hear how this truly spectacular, lavish and extravagant outfit came about. Yes, your heart is pounding very heavily indeed, boom ba da boom ba da boom. If I do not tell you might spontaneously combust from anxiety. As I do not want you to go up in a pillar of flame, for if you did you would be unable to read the blog, and I can't have that, I'll put you out of your collective misery.

White is such an easy colour, one can never have too many white things. However this doesn't apply to underwear. When I was in boarding school Papa Afam used to buy me white underwear from Marks and Spencer.

 I love Marks and Spencer for trunks, hipsters and boxers. They're all so very comfortable.

As you can imagine I hated this. I went to a boarding school in Abuja for the greater part of my teenage years, where the only things vaguely resembling a washing machine were my tiny hands and my ingenuity with mixing detergents and bleaches. My white boxers were the bane of my life. And if God Forbid you did a shart, you were finished. I swear to you, the time I spent maintaining their whiteness was worth more than the damn things. Boxers should always be black. Black hides a multitude of sins and as such is the pinnacle of efficiency. 

Anyway, that's a white long sleeved t-shirt from H & M in a medium. I got one two sizes larger than me because I like the way it hangs on me.

The trousers are a drop crotch carrot leg pair from All Saints. They are thirty inches at the waist at the waist and this is a shame because I'm only 28 inches. As a result of this truly unfortunate difference, I spend the greater proportion of my time in them hoisting them up. It is exhausting. Why doesn't he wear a belt you ask? Well, I refuse to wear a belt with them because when I do all the extra fabric gathers at my crotch. It makes it look like I've stuffed a baby down there!! On that day I fastened the trousers to my boxers with some safety pins. Genius!!

I chose a pair of Reiss leather slippers for my feet and a red snap back for my head. I'm really keen on snap backs at the moment. There are so many different ways that they could be worn. There's really no excuse not to own a few dozen.

I finished the look with my silver bracelet from Tiffany & Co, my 21st birthday present and a natural pearl, and precious stone bracelet I nicked off a good friend of mine.

When dressing up, it is important that you remember that one stand out item is enough to see you through. Too many stand out items and you will end up looking like a clown.

Happy Days,

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