The Weird and the Wonderful: Blackberrys, Where's Wally (Willy) ? and the AU Social

It is very late indeed and I cannot sleep. This is a very lucky thing indeed because weird and wonderful things happen at night. I am firmly of the belief that the she devil that is inspiration lurks in the darkness, and bites the buttocks of those she deems fit to spew cosmic brilliance into the world. As I write this my buttocks are ready to be injected with creativity. I am in dire need of it. The need for creativity is so great in me that I have enrolled in a crash course in creativity at Stanford. Yes, Stanford, that rather old, pretty darn good university across the pond. No, I will bot be going to the states just yet, the only things you need for this are a computer, a smartphone with a camera and internet access. As I have two of the three, I am more than well equipped to participate. No, a blackberry does not count as a smart phone. I do not know that a blackberry can be called a phone. Blackberrys are the physical manifestations of disappointment.

It is a wonder that my blackberry did not burst into flame because after I typed that sentence I looked at mine with so much hatred that I'm sure it felt the burn. It wouldn't have mattered at all if it had burst into flame because I, Afam am a fire man. Yes, I kid you not. I've got the costume and everything.

If that doesn't qualify one to be a fire man, then I don't know what does!

That was what I wore to the last Athletics Union social I attended.  Now regarding the AU social, I have one rule, "if there is an outrageous fancy dress theme, I'm there." As I am a member of three sports societies, trampolining, squash and swimming (I belong to more, but I never seem to attend their practice sessions. I cannot tell you what I was thinking when I put my name down for American football and that's probably because I wasn't thinking at all) the opportunities for attendance are infinite.

And I do. I love it to bits, for the amounts of fun I have had at the AU social are unquantifiable. The sheer entertainment value of it is enough to drive anyone to hysterics. I think that it is quite possible that at the AU we drink not to have a good time, but to gain some tolerance for the truly stupendous things that are bound to occur during the night. There are things that one simply cannot handle sober.

Take this for instance:

I used to be under the impression that this was a fairly acceptable Where's Wally costume... I'm sorry I jump ahead of myself. I did not pause to consider that the bulk of you might be completely devoid of any knowledge remotely related to Where's Wally. 
That's Wally. The lead character of Where's Wally, a series of children's books created by British illustrator Martin Handford.
It's called Where's Waldo in Canada. Why this is the case, I couldn't possibly say but I cannot say that I'm surprised. 

This is what I thought passed for an appropriate where's Wally costume. 
It isn't great but it's decent I think. Very soon after that I was proven wrong.

Where's Willy?

I cannot find the words. To those of you that are not yet in University, it is fairly likely that these are the sorts of things you will both encounter and do. You will not be able to comprehend or explain  why it is that you did whatever it is that you will do. The only thing that you'll be able to do is store your experience of the events in your memory bank, or destroy the memory of the evening with copious amounts of alcohol. It's all a little bit of fun, no? And what's more, it's timely fun. It's best that you get this sort of faffery and foolery out of your system while you're young. It isn't cute when you're 40.

Happy Days and Nights,

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