It's Lavish baby!!!!!!

It's happened again. You see, I Afam am a man of ease. As such I am very rarely ever livid. The things that drive most people absolutely stark raving mad make me smile in a listless fashion. Take this character for instance, he calls himself Lavish and he operates the instagram account called itslavishbitch. Take a look at it here

Lavish is very very wealthy and he likes to show it.

That's how much he has on his starbucks app.

4 iphones, 1 boy.

Lavish fills his toilet bowl with pellegrino, the best sparkling water in the world. He washes his hands with it too.

Even Rihanna thinks he's daft.

Strangely enough I'm not mad. I'm not bothered at all and there are several reasons why this is.

A fool and his money are soon parted. I have no doubt that his immense inheritance will find it's way out of his grasp if he does not learn a life lesson or two.

All the Nigerian Princes and Russian Christian women, have you seen this? This man is ripe for the taking. Please divert all demands to Lavish, he's likely to be dumb enough to fall for them.

Lavish is 17. Lavish is a child. I cannot comment seriously about the activities of spoiled children. I can however comment on the activities of his parents. What were they doing while their son turned into such a monster? I don't think that this is such a bad thing either. The world has a special place for monsters. If it made space for Hitler and Idi Amin there must be a place for Lavish too.

Isn't it odd that he has so much cash? #LaunderedMoney #DrugMoney #IllGottenMoney #TheFedsAreUntoHim

I don't like that he's taken to trolling Kim Kardashian and all the Kardashians, and I don't like that he's an uncouth git with a filthy tongue but apart from that I don't mind him. 

This looks like a rather good drama, and I think it's likely that the climax is approaching, so I'll watch for a while. 

Happy Days,

Not my money, not my problem, not my business.


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The HuffPost inteviewed him and it looks like he's legit

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