University of Manchester students and Toilets (This one isn't for the faint of heart. It is fairly disgusting.)

My heart is pounding like a bloody piston. I'm sorry to swear so early in the post but it's called for believe me. You must realize that I, Afam am not a wastrel, a vagabond or a charlatan, I am a student of Economics and Development at the University of Manchester. Just the other week I handed in an essay. The task was,

"Compare and contrast the account of the origins of private ownership Grotius gives in the Freedom of the sea (1609) with the one he gives in The Laws of War and Peace (1625). To what extent does Grotius provide a justification of private ownership?"

I have just discovered that in my doing of the essay I, Afam concentrated almost entirely on the comparing and contrasting and not at all on the assessment of Grotius' justification of private ownership. I was so single minded in my focus that I completely ignored the second half of the question. It did not even appear in my version of the question. As such I was awarded a 55% for my half an essay which is still pretty good considering that it was half an essay.

I had already begun my regime of internal self flagellation and mutilation when I realized that as well deserved as my pity party might feel, it really wasn't going to help me improve my performance in the future. So I took a break and did something rather indulgent instead. I went for an afternoon poo.

Upon my arrival at the toilets in the University of Manchester Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, I was disgusted. Manchester is supposed to be quite a good, semi-difficult to get into university so why are its students so woeful at the decent use of toilets? This is an exceedingly serious issue. I would have thought the principles of decent communal toilet use public knowledge but evidently that doesn't hold true here. Being the pinnacle of generousity I am tragically incapable of doing anything but sharing in both the good times and the bad.

Feast your eyes on exhibit A.
That my dear friends is a pube. Yes, a pubic hair. What it is doing on the side of the wall I cannot possibly tell you but the more important thing to consider is why anyone would place a pube on the side of the wall! It is logic defying.

 Exhibit B

This one is even worse. That is gum in the urinal!! WHERE DID YOU EXPECT THE BLOODY THING TO GO? Of course it's going to sit there until someone removes it. As if chewed gum wasn't disgusting enough? The cleaner is going to have to remove chewed and pissed on gum. It isn't fair. I don't think I could do it, even with gloves on.
 Exhibit C
If you are ill. Stay at home. No one needs to see this. You should all be perfectly capable of placing your bums in the centre of the toilet. This is inexcusable.

 With all of that going on, I left the toilet well enough alone, venting about it has helped though.

Happy Days,

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Anonymous said...

I just put this question into google and your blog was the first thing that popped up. I'm doing this same essay for this semester. You need to help a sister out!! Any pointers on particular readings to focus on and all would be helpful. That is if you still have all the relevant literature with you. My email is Thanks :) xx

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