Onward and Upward!!!

The one thing I love and hate about the blogging/freelancing profession is that you never know what exactly it is that you'll be doing next. There's no end game and the opportunities are boundless. Because I enjoy it so much I've taken on a number of positions that I am quite excited about. You should be excited too because there's no such thing as too much Afam.

I'm now a columnist for the Urbane Mix. It's an online magazine that's very very clever. The editors are very good too, and anyone who knows anything about writing knows that bad editors are the stuff of nightmares. I wrote my first piece for them the other day. It's about the £3000 bond that the United Kingdom is thinking about starting in November.


It's worth a read if I do say so myself.

Also, I'm the Lifestyle and Health editor for a new Online Magazine called Voix. Our first issue comes out in September, but in the meanwhile you can follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/Voix_Mag
or  check out our tumblr: http://voixmagazine.tumblr.com/

If you would like to be a contributor, then drop me an email. My email address is afam.a.o@hotmail.com

Happy Days,

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