Where in the world is Demi Lovato, because Africa isn't a country.

It is about time that the conversation about Africa changed. The conversation has been so ill informed that an unbelievable number of people still present Africa as one country, and not a continent with 54 countries.
On the 14th of August, Demi Lovato, the ex-Disney Princess and current American pop sensation tweeted this:

Now, I imagine she meant well, but could she not tell us where in Africa she was going? And if not that could she at the very least not have added a building or a person to her collection of frogs, caterpillars, cattle, monkeys, snakes, elephants, tigers and the sun? From her tweet, one can easily infer that she expected to be shown a sprawling savannah with an amazing outcrop of rocks where Rafiki was in the process of officiating Simba’s naming ceremony. I’m sure she was extremely disappointed when she found that not only did the animals not hold a party for her arrival, but that there couldn’t possibly have been any tigers in attendance because there aren’t any tigers that are indigenous to Africa. 
And what of after she hopped in the plane and flew to “Africa”. Surely she’d know where exactly in Africa she was as she’d have looked at her visa because believe it or not there are no “African” visas but no, she didn’t, so she still doesn’t know where in Africa she is. And no, I’m not making this up. Why else would she tweet this?
If Demi, a rather wealthy, reasonably well travelled 21 year old American is so ignorant, then what hope is there for the rest of them? I can hear the excuses forming in your heads. You think I’m reading too much into it don’t you? But wouldn’t you think it odd if I landed in Paris and said “Am I seriously in Europe right now?” 
As the lifestyle and health editor of Voix, I will attempt to change the conversation or at least contribute to it. Contrary to public opinion, or at least the opinion expressed here, there are buildings and people in Africa. When I say people I don’t mean wildlings roaming about in loincloths, I mean people doing things that people do everywhere else. I can’t speak for the whole of Africa (because it’s not a country), but I can speak for Nigeria (one of the countries in Africa), and I didn’t spend Friday night running away from an imaginary tiger. I went to a nightclub. It’s a decent nightclub as far as nightclubs go. And please don’t imagine that it was in a hut, and that we made music with animal skin drums, and bamboo sticks.
 So Demi the next time you tweet, please let us know where the devil you are.

Happy Days,


Dawna said...

This is such a funny post! you're so right Afam.
Those little animal pics :)
For some reason I began (while smiling) humming the circle of life
which in my own lazy ignorance goes something like.. harr.. karem ya.. baba bee baba bah yaa...

Great post!

Afam said...

Haha! thanks for reading Dawna. xx

Janyl Benyl said...

Rotfl I actually had my classmate ask me one time "so do you live in a hut in Africa?" Ignorance is bad
And when they do not make any effort about helping the very abysmal ignorance, it becomes pathetic

Anonymous said...

another thing we Nigerians are too bent out of shape about lol i don't see anything wrong with what she said at all, she did go to the continent of Africa does she have to say what country? people say they're going to Europe all the time and we look at them as cultured or maybe even elite eg "off to Europe for a ski trip" we Nigerians would be the first ones to say have fun... i think, as in any relationship, we need to pick our battles and stop trivializing our selves.

side note- im actually a big fan of yours as a writer i just have this habit of presenting another side to any discussion...keep doing what you're doing

Anonymous said...

I know you've moved on from defending Africa but just had to share this link with you....lol


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