The day Yoruba became a religion and the day "a small Village in Africa" became damn good journalism

Okay E News, let's do this. I don't really have time for this because I'm mega busy and stuff, but I made time for you. You should be pleased.

Now, what in the hell kind of a daft article was that? (see article here:

First, you started by saying sources close to Lee Thompson Young said that he had suffered from depression in the months before he died. What more do you need? Depression and suicide go hand in hand. If you're depressed enough you're bound to think, "man, this life isn't for me. I don't think I should be alive. Sorry folks and friends this isn't about you, it's about me" and then you just might kill yourself. In fact, I'm pretty sure that to be diagnosed as depressed you have to have thought about suicide. So why on earth did you need to go on and talk about his religion? I can't blame you for writing that Yoruba is a religion, wikipedia says it is, and we all know that wikipedia is a reputable source on everything. Yeah, when I wrote essays in uni, I used to cite wikipedia as a bloody reference. But why on earth would you suggest that it was the Yoruba religion that led him to his death? Was he not suffering from depression? Are you suggesting that the religion made him depressed?

After you suggested that he died because he applied the Yoruba "principle" of 'iku ya j'esin' which means "death is preferable to ignominy, you quoted the Yoruba culture icon and Chief priest of Osogbo, Araba Ifayemi Osundagbonu Elebuibon, who said that the religion does "not support suicide. Their belief is that if somebody commits suicide, they will be punished in the hereafter." You continued to talk about his practice of the religion, thereby implying that the authority on the Yoruba religion didn't know what the hell he was talking about. 

Then you wrote that before he died, the poor man visited a small village in Africa. This is undoubtedly the most annoying thing about the entire article. Do you know that Africa is a continent? If the African village has no name and no location then it isn't worth mentioning at all. So you mean to tell me that he flew to Africa, and then found his way to a small African village somewhere on the 30.2 million kilometres squared that the continent covers? Well done! Epic job! You deserve a raise! You should be blessed by the pope for your good work! It's just too good to be true. In the same vein when people ask me where I live I tell them I live in a city on Earth, and they thank me for being so forthcoming. Tell us what village he went to or sit down and shut up. If you cannot find the the details needed for a meaningful story then it is not worth reporting. 

If he was depressed, then it's likely that he was clinically diagnosed. Do your job and find out what anti depressants he was on, who his therapist was, and who he spoke to about it. 

Happy Days,

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Anonymous said...

lol no one was targeting nigerians and we are all taking this way too personally there are people that practice a religion referred to as yoruba. as all religions its intent or beliefs may have been watered down or twisted from mouth to mouth but it doesnt mean it doesnt exist . it also doesnt mean that the youruba people of nigeria practice this religion

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