The NEA Awards

Because I haven't lived in Nigeria for quite sometime, there's a lot that's still new to me. For instance I just found out that we've got something here called the NEA awards. That stands for the Nigeria Entertainment Awards. I know. How hopelessly bland? It's so dull I could die. You're probably so bored by that bit of news that you want to strangle me and then grill me on a spit. The interesting thing about this is that the NEA awards are not held in Nigeria, they're held in New York.

I know what you're thinking because I'm thinking it too. You're thinking, "But why the hell are the Nigerian Entertainment Awards being held in New York and not in Nigeria?"

It's certainly very odd. It's like hosting the BAFTA's in Australia, or having the Superbowl in South Africa. 

I did a little research and apparently, the reason why it's held in America is to promote the image and culture of Nigeria around the world. 


The only thing you're saying about Nigeria is that it's such a fucking shitty shithole that the event can't possibly be held here. Or maybe it's one of the many real manifestations of our inferiority complex. In my experience all or most Nigerians seem to come with a default setting that renders all things Nigerian unsatisfactory before they are proven as unsatisfactory and all things Western epic. 

And that's how this Rambling Madman sees it. 

Happy Days,

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