The problem with us, and maybe Hollywood...

There’s something a little bit weird about Hollywood. That sentence is a little misleading because it implies that I’ve got some inside information about the “stars” that live there, and I don’t. I only know as much as you. What I mean is that there is something off about our interest in them. The moment we come to adore them, (and we can’t be blamed for loving them for they are all so loveable. Even Kanye’s short temper gains some sort of cute-ish quality once looked at through the tint of Hollywood) we pick up the puppet strings that control their lives and pull them as we see fit. We judge them by our standards, and punish them when they deviate from our expectations of them. Child stars suffer the most from this.

As they navigate puberty and approach young adulthood, we, who shouldn’t have any control over them at all, lend our hands to their shaping. We justify this by saying that they’re role models to the masses hence they must be held to higher standards of behavior than the typical young person.  There are two problems with this. The first is that the individual in question did not choose to be you or your child’s role model, so at some point or the other they will disappoint you. At one stage of their lives, they will get a belly button piercing or dye their hair, or get a tattoo or twerk and you’ll be pissed off. The second problem is that young people don’t make very good role models for anyone. After Chris Brown beat Rihanna, attempts were made by the media to turn her into the how to guide for dealing with an abusive partner. She was meant to break up with him, see that he was prosecuted to the full extent of the law and then never speak to him again. That would have been the wise thing to do but she didn’t and she can’t be judged for it either, because before she became your role model she was a mere mortal.

Furthermore they find themselves trapped between the fans that want them to remain children and the adult audience that couldn’t care less about them. To lose their perceived innocence, they rebel spectacularly against everything and anything remotely associated with good sense and propriety. Jessica Biel, posed topless in the March 2000 issue of Gear magazine. This made the producers of 7th Heaven so mad that they brought legal action against the magazine. Lindsay Lohan obliterated her child star image by partying and drugging her way through her late teens and much of her twenties, and let’s not forget that she’s posed nude numerous times. Miley Cyrus, is twerking and slutting her way away from Hannah Montana and everything that the Disney character stood for. The list goes on forever. It’s about time that we cut these youngsters some slack. I’d hate it if I had to see Ariel Winter (Alex in Modern family), Zendaya Coleman (Dancing With the Stars finalist and Shake it up main character) or Elle Fanning, sprawled across the cover of Playboy in the name of seeking a more adult audience. 

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