Where in the world is Demi Lovato because Africa isn't a country part 2 (Updated: because she's in Kenya)

In the first part of this series (Where in the world is Demi Lovato (Because Africa isn't a country?) I asked that Demi, tell us where exactly in Africa she was because saying that you're in Africa, the second largest continent in the world, is a little bit like saying that you're on Earth. It's rather meaningless, as there are 54 very different countries on it. In my opinion it's only permissible the first time you say it. You can say, "OH MY GOD! GUYS! I'm in AFRICA y'all!" but, you can't say you're in Africa 3 times in a row, and then post a video of Africans singing in an indigenous African language, because, you haven't said anything worth saying. Of course, the Africans singing in their indigenous language is a little bit of a clue, but it flies over my head as there are probably over 3,000 languages in Africa, and I'm no language specialist. If you're a specialist in African languages, then you are welcome to it.

For the sceptics out there, if I said, "I'm in North America" on Monday, and then I said, "Oh My God! North America is awesome" on Tuesday, and then I said, "I'm having the best damn birthday in North America" on Wednesday, wouldn't you think I was a muppet? You'd probably assume that I was off my meds or something.
That's tweet number three about Demi being in Africa. She posted it alongside the picture below:

Are you sure you're in Africa? You look like you're in your backyard on a sunny day being silly. Well I guess that's the problem with Africa  most of the time it won't look like you've imagined it. There are safaris but I don't know that many of us are that interested in them. When the same lion has been stealing your goats for a year, it shifts from being an exotic African beast to being a bloody pest. Having said all that, she does look fairly good looking in this shot so she's forgiven. I'll forgive a pretty girl anything. 
After that tweet came this one

There's a keek video attached to it:

Well, thanks for that Demi. I'm really happy that they appear to be wishing you a happy birthday. I'm wishing you a happy birthday too, but I'd really like to know where in Africa you are because it's getting a little bit ridiculous now.

Happy Days,

I've just learned that Demi's in Kenya on a Me to We volunteer trip. She's helping build a Free the Child school. Of course you must see that my problem with Demi's tweets isn't that I didn't know where Demi Lovato was, or that she didn't know where she was. It was that she repeatedly referred to one country as Africa, and that is abysmal. It's a sensitive issue with me. Africa is too vast, and too diverse, for any bit of it to be referred to as the whole of it. And my sensitivity is not unfounded. After all, living in Nigeria, and being aware of the tension that exists between the North and the South serves as a constant reminder of the results of the last time our individualities were disregarded for convenience. So I will not sit down, and keep quiet, when Demi Lovato tells her 17 million followers that she's in Africa. 

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