The Possible Benefits of Twerking

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The conversation about twerking has reached its climax. Actually, I can’t say that it has for sure, but I certainly hope so. The only way we could talk more about twerking than we are already would be if Miley Cyrus assaulted President Obama with her twerking bottom. I don’t think she will though, for if she did, she would be put to sleep with a stun gun, or some horse tranquilizer. The conversation about twerking has been a broad one. It has been looked at through so many lenses that I am no longer sure what it is exactly. I cannot tell you if it is the latest example of cultural appropriation or the latest and quite possibly the best form of feminism. The one that says, it’s my womanly body and I can do with it whatever I like. While those conversations are incredibly important, my interests lie in the health department. In this piece I’ll be looking to answer the following questions.
Is twerking actually good for you?
Can it add shape to your shapeless bottom?
Can it lose you your muffin top’s muffin top or the flabby bits beneath your arms?
Is it good for nothing? Twerking is a dance move that involves a person who is usually female, thrusting her hips inward and outward to produce a jiggling effect in her bottom and thighs. It can be done in a number of positions; 
  • upside down, 
  • with one leg up 
  • on one hand, 
  • while balancing on your head, 
  • while touching your toes; and 
  • while doing the splits 
  • (If I’ve ever left any out please let me know in the comments section and I’ll add them later.) 

At first, I didn’t know much about twerking. The closest I’d ever come to it was pelvic thrusting. After watching more twerk team videos than I care to mention in public, I have since discovered that while they are rather similar, they are also vastly different. Twerking involves more of a booty popping motion than pelvic thrusting does. This booty pop is achieved by contracting the muscles of the lower back with herculean force while squatting with the legs spread apart and turned out.  The benefits it accrues the human body are extraordinary. The booty pop, is all but certified to give any practitioner the lower back strength of a Cambridge rower, and the squats involved are likely to fill your buttocks with a peculiar sort of fatty muscle that doesn’t perform any known muscular function, but serves as extra mass to jiggle, wobble and shake when performing any physical activity. Furthermore twerking comes with an insurance possibility, if it does not actually increase the size of your bum, while you’re twerking, chances are that your bum will look a little bit bigger than it usually does.Summary:  Twerking: suitable for people who hate squats; not suitable for working out in public.

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