What is the Matter with Ice Prince?

So... There's this immensely popular Nigerian musician called Ice Prince. Well, I'll be honest, he's popular, but he's no Iyanya, Dbanj, P square or Wiz Kid. His real name is Panshak Zamani. It's a hell of a name. I wish I was called Panshak Zamani, instead I've got to make do with Afam. How pedestrian is that?

Anyway, he's really quite good, Ice Prince. I haven't seen him live in concert or anything, but for the most part his stuff is pretty stellar. I remember his first song Oleku. I had it on repeat for weeks. I still like the song, which says a lot. I tend not to like things for very long, but Oleku's got staying power. That was in 2010.

Last year he released this awesome song called Aboki. I love that song. I don't know the lyrics all that well, but I love it anyway. Yeah, I'm a little bit of a fan. It's sad that I only heard it this year, seeing as it came out a year ago, but better late than never eh?

Like I said it's a really good song.

This year... This summer actually, Ice Prince released another song called VIP.

And it's really similar to aboki. It's practically the same song as aboki. How is this his second single? How can those two songs that are practically the same be on the same album? Does he think that we're daft? How can he serve us a worse version of the same damn thing? Is he demented?

It's bad enough that a lot of the local music here sounds exactly the same. I'm not kidding, they've all got the same "du ke du ke du ke ke" beat. Of Course there are exceptions, but the culture of sameness here is alarming. While it is true, that we want the same but different, these two songs obviously aren't different enough.

Happy Days,


Karina Sodipo said...

Preeaach! With all the hype that song's still been getting, I thought I was the only one who noticed!

The Chaotic Dreamer

Anonymous said...

Lol! Thought I was the only one who noticed most Nigerian songs have the same beat. Nice post, and yes I am reading your blog this early on a Sunday morning.

Afam said...

You are not alone. I am here with you!

jade solomon said...

my sentiments exactly.. ice prince and davido are losing their way

Anonymous said...

V.I.P is apparently Aboki 2. Lol!

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