What's there to do in Lagos

I once read that there are only two sorts of women in the world. There are the mysterious ones and there are the straightforward ones. The mysterious ones are so steeped in mystery that every glance, every twinkle and every step strikes confusion into the hearts of men and women alike, the straightforward ones are blunt to the point of vulgarity. They are the sort to say, "If I'm going to fuck you at all, then I'd better do it more than once." Lagos is the former. Lagos, doesn't reveal much. It is unlikely that you'll ever walk into a bar friendless, and walk out with your new best friend. The nights here do not have the same spirit of opportunity that the nights elsewhere are tinged with. This is the reason why it looks so busy and lively, but you the inhabitant or tourist can be so bored. 

A friend of mine wrote a while ago, that there was nothing to do in Lagos but eat overpriced food, drink over priced drinks, go to the cinema, and go clubbing and I disagree. To say that about Lagos, would be to date a girl for a while, and say, "She's alright, but she doesn't put out." when everyone in the room knows that she does. With Lagos, all you have to do is "come correct"* and chances are you'll have the time of your life. 

I love Lagos. I have lived here for most of my life. I do not like to see it misrepresented by those who do not understand it. Do not assume that I claim to understand it, for Lagos is vast, and my experience of Lagos has been far too sheltered for me to claim to be the leading living source of information on all things Lagos. I do know that I do not understand it, and that in itself is a measure of understanding, in the same way that the admittance of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom. 

So that you do not come here, and proclaim that there is nothing to do here, I, Afam (the Gambian Legend) will tell you things that you can do in Lagos, at least once a week every week. 

Happy Days,

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