Defying Gravity in Viva Le Resistance (Observations from Lagos Fashion Week 2013: LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME) don't read this one if you're any younger than 16

I had a little debate with myself about whether to do this or not. It went a little like this.

Enter God Fam and Risque Fam

Good Fam: Don't do it. It's demeaning to women

Risque Fam: Do it. The world needs to know about it.

Good Fam: They were awesome but what of the children that read your blog?

Risque Fam: No children should read my blog. I've got the diction of a murderer.

Good Fam: But what if this post becomes a staple in the spank bank for 16 year old guys.

Risque Fam: That'll be very sad indeed. I'd like to think that 16 year olds were more enterprising.

So here we are...



In these pictures, the girls are walking for a Viva Le Resistance. The only thing that I can see being resisted however, is gravity. They've put this Rick Ross song in my head, "These niggers can't hold me back." And it's true we can't. I don't know where the line between female subjugation and domination is, but these women are definitely on the dominant side of it.

Now, there was something that bothered me. I kept seeing children all about the place. I mean, are you daft? As a parent HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND? I don't care if there isn't anyone at home to look after the children, get a bloody babysitter! Stay at home with them! I don't bloody care what you do! At the best of times,  children should be locked in cages or something (I really can't stand the needy little things), but to bring them to fashion week, where tits are likely to be flying everywhere, you must dislike yours even more than I do. Later you'll be telling the 5 year old brat that he can't watch a movie that's been rated 16. Well, you've kind of already fucked up because in a movie that's been rated 16, there won't be anything he hasn't seen.

I'm not making this up.

Happy Days,

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