Lagos Fashion Week 2013: Moments in White

Fashion week was perfect. I don't mean that everything went splendidly and that all the clothes were worth seeing, because not all of them were. The Kinabuti collection was a let down. It's because it happened, and I was there. I'll remember it always. It was a watch me fly moment. I was doing something that I never thought I'd be doing and I was loving it. There were many stand out moments for me. Hopefully I'll get the chance to tell you what all of them were, and I can't say that I will. My time's scare these days. I've got a lot of thinking to do. I've got to think about how writing can sustain a decent lifestyle or keep a family. One thing is clear. I've got to leave here.

There were two moments that involved perfect white dresses that moved like something from a dream.
The first is a wedding dress from Valerie David's. 

The second is a dress by Reni Smith.
I really like the shot of the dress from the side. It's really ethereal. When it moved, I thought, "this is a little piece of magic. It deserves more than one shot." And so I saw that it got more than one shot.

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