Happy Halloween: October Review

As at now, the blog's received 13,895 page views in October. This is the most it's ever had. I'm confident that it'll get to 14,000 before we get to November. I'm also confident that this post will help it get there. This one is going to be a little bit weird, and at least 50 parts crazier than it's ever been, but things are going well, and it's halloween so it's okay. Also, I'll be in Edo State for the rest of the year, so I'll get some sort of a new beginning. I think I'll need one after this. And after the year's up, and I'm back in Lagos, you'll see me walking about and you'll say, "Are you the Afam guy that dressed up as a Mammy Water for halloween?" and I'll say, "Yes, but I've found Jesus since. The past is dead."

Anyway, the most popular piece this month was, "Are you sexy when work out?" I liked that one. It cracked me up. I like laughing at myself. I think it's healthy. This month has been a little bit weird as there hasn't been very much about me in it. It's mostly been about fashion week and the things that happened there. I won't blog about Lagos fashion week like that anymore. It's old news now. I think there's one piece left and that'll be it. I wish I could have done more reviews, but Ola Ebiti's hard drive crashed, and he was to busy with Uni to contribute.

While I get settled in Edo State, which is nothing like Lagos from what I gather, it's likely that I won't be able to blog as much, so I'll be bringing on a guest blogger to fill the void. The blogger that'll be entertaining you in my absence is Ola (another Ola), of olaisblogging.wordpress.com he's really quite good. Our voices are similar in that they're both very random. I trust that he'll do well and that you'll support him as well as you have me. I'll be keeping up with all my other writing commitments from my iphone. I'm not sure how I'll manage this, but everything will work out somehow. That's the thing about life, it ends. That means that everything has an ending, and that's refreshing sometimes. This feels like a little bit of a goodbye, and I suppose it is in a way. I'll clean out my desk over the next couple of days, so that I'm not owing anyone I promised that I'd do something. That way, if I suddenly disappear for a few weeks, I won't have to apologise to anyone for not typing up their interview, or for not putting up their picture.

With any luck, I'll finish that book while I'm away. I hope I do. I hope this becomes a book. How cool would that be if it was? I've written 253 blogs in a year and 5 months! That's a blog every two days or so. Thanks for everything. You gave me something that was mine and mine alone. No one handed this to me on a platter. I fought for it with every word, every phrase and every share. And you guys read it. How incredible is that?

In November, you'll get to read,my interview with Teni Sagoe of Clan fame, How sexy are you when you're taking selfies, what goes on at Bogobiri (The Lagosian hipster bar) and some others that I haven't thought of yet. This is where my weekend's going. There's also one that I wrote for Bellanaija about awkwardness that they asked me to change because it was too sexual. You guys will get the unrevised version, and they will get the revised but equally vulgar version. The way I see it, shit is just as vulgar as sex is.

Thanks for everything! I'll never forget it. Stay tuned for the adventures of the Lagos Mammy. 

Happy Days,

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